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  1. Her weight loss is quite noticeable, isn't it? I was wondering if it was just me who noticed, but obviously not... HQs - Lenny Spring/Summer 2012
  2. As far as I know it's allowed! What are you selling? I'm always interested in buying anything I don't have yet!
  3. I posted those as HQ scans a few weeks ago - as always, you can find them on my site here: http://anabeatrizbarrosfan.com/gallery/view/C1028/ :-)
  4. Here's the HQs I've found from yesterday! HQs - Backstage at Lenny S/S 2012
  5. HQs - Blue Man S/S 2012 agnews.com.br
  6. Ana was at Blue Man! HQs - Backstage at Blue Man S/S 2012
  7. ^ But then they got back together a few weeks later again - she's not single anymore! Also, Ana switched NY agencies - rumor has it she's switching back from Elite+ to NEXT.
  8. HQs of Ana's & Fernanda's birthday party last night! agnews
  9. New article on Istoe Gente: http://istoegente.terra.com.br/noticias/mo...exy-do-planeta/ istoegente.terra.com.br Google-translated:
  10. More HQs from the amFAR gala! HQs modelcandids.com
  11. HQs - Replay Party Arrivals, with Alessandra, Cannes, May 18 2011
  12. HQs - Ana BB & Bar Refaeli Hanging out at the Replay Party, Cannes, May 18 2011 modelcandids.com
  13. HQs - Roberto Cavalli Party, Cannes, May 18 2011
  14. You're welcome everyone! I searched long and hard, and here are yet MORE photos of Ana at the parties & events she attended over the past few days! (uploading them now...) HQs - de Grisogono Party, May 17
  15. Sorry for any reposts! HQs
  16. First amFar HQs! Stunning! HQs - amFAR Gala, Cannes May 19 2011
  17. HQs - Roberto Cavalli Party, Cannes, May 18 2011
  18. You're welcome everyone! Here are the first HQs from last night's events, I'll have more to post later today! HQs - Replay Party, Cannes, May 18 2011
  19. Awesomeness! Here's some HQs from the party Ana attended last night! HQs - De Grisogono Party, Cannes, May 17 2011
  20. HQs - Adriana with Alessandra & Miranda modelcandids.com
  21. HQs - Adriana with Alessandra modelcandids.com
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