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  1. Yeah, I know. I really don't like when people don't even bother to insert the original link or to tag names.. And that's true - probably she's not a model. Thank you very much for your time and help, modelknowledge. I'm absolutely grateful!
  2. Thank you very much, modelknowledge. Does anyone recognise the brunette? Thanks.
  3. Hello, everyone. I found these two beauties on tumblr. I always search for the photos' source however they don't usually tag the names. And nobody seems to know who they are... I'm not sure if they are models but, anyway, I'd like to know if you recognise any of the faces. Thanks a lot in advance. Here's the blonde: Here's the brunette (I'm going to post two pictures because I believe it's the same girl):
  4. Thank you very much! *high five*
  5. Thanks a lot for helping, my dear
  6. Hello, can you help me, here? Does anyone know who are they? I found this on tumblr, however, it was tagged as "unknown" and it seems that nobody knows where this is from. The label is visible (shorts of the first guy) but I don't know which brand it is too. Thanks a lot!
  7. Editorial for Men's Health magazine (April - Portugal).
  8. Hello! Does anyone recognise this beauty? I'm not sure if she's a model or not - but she's been surrounding my tumblr for a few time. Thanks in advance!
  9. You're welcome ;]

  10. So, may I present you a new model, from Portugal - his name is João Mota - and he became famous by his participation on 2nd edition of "Casa dos Segredos" (Secret Story 2). He got signed with Elite Lisbon. Height: 6'0 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Bust: 38 Waist: 31 Hip: 38 Check out some photos of his book:
  11. liika, you're amazing. thank you so much! *hug* 5 stars for you ;D
  12. Any of you guys know who is this? Since I'm a kinda new around here I'm not sure if he has already a thread here.. So I apologise. Thanks a lot ! :]
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