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  1. This new set of Jay Byars is gorgeous! Love the photographs in the prairie with the golden stalks is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Testing of the attachment features on bellazon using Google Chrome.
  3. @Iiika Thank you for all of the luscious pictures of French male model Damien Pannier
  4. Thank you to Pip for these fantastic images of Adam Cowie. I can't believe this is the first time I've seen this handsome guy.
  5. Ryan Lochte as one of the official US Olympians for Polo Ralph Lauren
  6. I couldn't find a whole lot of information on him, but Jack Bradshaw is a new face to fashion modeling. He is represented by Elite Toronto and Major Models NYC. HEIGHT: 6'3" HAIR COLOR BRUNETTE EYE COLOR BLUE SHOE SIZE 12.5 US
  7. Great update with the polaroids
  8. Posting #7: Jump for Joy
  9. Posting #5: Dust in the street
  10. Posting #4: Chet Corey on the praire
  11. Posting #3: Chet Corey playing frisbee on the beach
  12. Posting #2: Chet corey by Photography Duc Nguyen Source: OhLaLa Mag
  13. Post for Chet Corey, a25-year old male model from New York and Miami, US. Model Mayhem info: MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/chetcorey About me I want to have fun at everything that I do. I started modeling because it gives me an excuse to travel around the world meet unique people see extraordinary places. So far so good. I mean it, it really good Posting #1: Assorted pictures of Chet Corey
  14. Aww, hello to all of you Hello to @Mickiala, @Lyon, and @Iiika! I don't know that much about male fashion either, ha ha, but I do enjoy collecting pictures of hot guys! I have an especially big collection of Chet Corey, so I'll try to post that sometime this week. Question: is there any photography (or photographer) that's not allowed on the forums? Many of the models that I enjoy collecting are more muscle / fitness oriented, so I don't know if that's appropriate since I think the flavor of Bellazon tends toward the catalog / fashion / runway. I also enjoy collecting pictures from photographers such as Michael Anthony Downs (of All American Guys), and I know some photographers are rather strict on the distribution of their photos.
  15. This is fantastic. You all do such a good job finding pictures
  16. Greetings, My name is Joel. I'm a twenty-something college guy who specializes in collecting pictures of male fashion and fitness models (yes, yes I know you're starting to question my sexuality right about now, ha). I've been familiar with Bellazon for awhile and I've been one of those pleasant-but-quiet lurkers, although I'd like to start contributing more. Cheers, Joel / pols1337
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