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  1. Sure you can! Thank you! Thank you! -hugs-
  2. Lady Fatale, would it be alright if I used the first set on a different site? I will of course still credit you for the set.
  3. Oh goodness, they're gorgeous!!! Thank you so much, Lady Fatale! -hugs-
  4. Hi All! Could someone please make me an avatar and signature banner of Natalia Vodianova? It doesn't really matter which pics you use; but I would like it to look mysterious and alluring. Preferably when she was younger. And with her hair down, but not crazy-looking, lol. Oh yeah... no text either. Damn, I sound a bit picky, don't I? lol. I will credit... Thank you in advance... -hugs-
  5. {name}

    Picture Requests

    Hello All! This is my first time posting a pic, so hopefully I did it right, lol. If not, could an Admin please edit it for me? I just came across the model Chanel Celaya (pic below) on fashionmodeldirectory.com; and was wondering if anyone had any other pics of her besides the ones shown on that site, and in the GUESS ads? View Chanel's pic here - http://<<>>