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    Happy Birthday mars! =]

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    Angels Love Their Mom
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    is this her eating? it says her http://www.buzztvusa.com/alessandra-ambros...ting-alone.html
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    does anybody have the funny pic where adriana was in it and the background was alessandra squezzing her boobs that always crack me up.. pls post
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    does anyone know her current boyfriend's name?
  6. oh my gad amazing!! just 4 weeks and she's on again!!
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    i love her Chanel J12 white watch
  8. really ? i wonder why? where did you hear this?
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    hello im new and a big fan of Ale ..can anyone rapidshare the video from her website the video where she was inhaling helium and goofin around i think its Nekker island 2003 the VS BARBIE VIdeo Young Glamour 2003 pls pls pls
  10. oh my gad she took off her top... i tot she said in an interview that didnt wan't to show her bobies...Anyways!!! im not complaining very HOOOOOTTT!!!
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    is that her natural color? or does she always go for a tan?
  12. oh my gad i cant wait to see bianca!! strut her stuff!!!
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