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    First Kiss <3

    Love the thread, especially with all it's random tangents. ^^ Lets see, i was 5 (i think), in preschool and it was one of those situations where people were daring any two people to kiss on the lips (quite cute when i remember it). Anyway, being the brave twerp i was back then, i said i'd kiss this girl that i knew. After the kiss, we were informed that we are now bf/gf. I think the 'relationship' lasted about 6+ months as she lived like 4 houses down from me so i'd go visit/play every day or so. First real kiss i was 13, she was 14. This girl i knew invited me to the homecoming dance (i was still in middle school) and i figured it'd be fun and she was cute. Anyway after dancing for a few hours and getting to know each other, in the middle of a song she smacked one on me (guess she got tired of waiting, hehe). Mostly, i remember it being very wet and i was in shock about the addition of a second tongue in my mouth. Subsequent kisses were much better, after a brief period of adjustment. First guy i kissed was when i was 18 in the back of a van. It was totally one of those 2 guys, 2 girls; truth or dare situations. He was all scruffy and i honestly can't say it was even remotely pleasant.