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  1. Rachel Smith

    Beautiful. She's absolutely beautiful. And I was rooting for her. I'm so glad she won.
  2. Thais Oliveira

    Sometimes I like her face and then sometimes I don't.
  3. Thais Oliveira

    Yeah she does.
  4. Thais Oliveira

    Yes exactly. Let her grow.
  5. Thais Oliveira

    actually she's 18 Where'd you hear that from?
  6. Thais Oliveira

    Oh yes I love that one too.
  7. Thais Oliveira

    On THIS site it says her name is indeed Thais Oliveira but with the Rodrigues right behind her. Although I question this site on it's facts. This girl's name is like a game. But at least we know her name is somewhere between Thais,Thaise and/or Oliveira. In some pics she looks like Adriana a little bit, but definitely looks different.