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  1. That's a good question... basically all the instagram/twitter picture posted directly from her or other model are free, but when comes from magazines or photographer are protected by copyright or other, I repeat good question...
  2. Finally a serious answer about this thing.
  3. For everyone who continue to think that the all previous messages was not from Genevieve, I invite everyone to go on her facebook page and see her last video. I'm very sad and disappointed for her, as I said in my previous message I don't like ANY models nude or not calendar, but I don't judge her for this WORK, because this is her WORK, and this is not a porn nude this is nude art and there is a lot of difference ,I know that for her this was a big thing to do for emotional and courage to do something like that, in a world where everyone has something to say about you and what you do this was not an easy steps to do for her. I don't think all of you would like to see your work distributed for free or leaked, she is a person for first and she feels emotions like everyone, she is not only an image on a screen or a photo printed on paper she lives like me and you. I have seen people here who almost pretend to see the pictures i all the way only to see how much she is nude and after, judge her, what a shame, this is a serious and only for real fan forum, vulgarity and other things can stay out. I appreciated that Balto88 has removed the photos and that he apologized to her, I hope Genevieve can understand that he had no bad intentions.
  4. I didn't buy her calendar and the same for the last year, symply because I don't like any, nude or not, calendar in general.
  5. Anyone knows why sometimes Genevieve set her instagram on a private profile?
  6. Thank you "Charlie's Alter Ego" for these beautiful live stream's
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