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  1. thank you love! I loved your topics. more how do you comment on them? Sorry about that!

  2. I don't have msn and no you don't need to pay to be a member on bellazon. (:

  3. Need to pay for the profile in bellazon? o.o

  4. But for me it gets a little complicated, do not know do not speak much English. I'm from Brazil. rsrs You have msn?

  5. You will get used to Bellazon soon enough :) It took me a few weeks before I could understand this website layout. xoxo

  6. Thank you! I'm learning to move here, but is a little tricky. rsrs

  7. Hi, thank-you for adding my to your friends list. :) I hope you have a great time here on Bellazon! :)

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