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  1. All those confession blogs could have been started by anyone. The only legit confessions come from amodelanonymous on twitter. Anyway, I dont think she got a nose job. Are you telling me she got a nose job and its still a tiny bit crooked? Because it is and its fine. When you look closely her nose isnt perfectly straight. But shes still a 10 out of 10 and an amazing beauty Shes beautiful. Simply as that. Also, shes a model. It doesnt stop her in anyway. Plus if she got a nose job, she would look plastic and it would probably be obvious because there are thousands of pictures of her. Is it obvious? No- because she didnt get a nose job. Why even bring it up? Why? Just to start an arguement? <_< Come on. Shes perfect. (Also shes been a busy model for the past 7 or so years. Where would she find the down time to get surgery and then recover from it? If she looks any different its only because she changed from a teenager to an adult. Do you look the same at 25 as you did at 18? No. No one does. Plus she lost alot of weight, has been working out probably everyday for the past 7 years and has toned up. Her body and face matured and toned due to long term exercise and dieting. ) Come on people, lets grow up. :morning:
  2. who is next to doutzen in the red? (brown hair)
  3. A gif I made. For when someone says something crazy on here. Anyone can use it.
  4. Ah, who knows. If you google JG you could find that not only has he been dating Emily, but hes also been seeing Katie Holmes for several months now too. Also Katie Holmes is just about as tall as Emily, 5'9. Maybe the comment from tfs of a supposed Emily sighting with JG was JG and Katie. From far away, 2 tall brunette women could be mistaken. It makes you think. You would then have to believe all the rumors and sightings though. I guess in 20 years it all wont matter. Even if they are dating,( which goes against her, 2 friends of hers, and Justin Hopwoods comments) she probably wont be remembered and he probably wont be remembered. Hes not really a movie star is he? I think hes had success and is a good actor but he seems to be missing something. I mean he hasnt had a memorable role or a big movie. If you put him next to Leo or George Clooney or Brad Pitt or even someone like Ryan Gosling does he compare to them? When you say movie star is he in anyone's top 10 list of successful actors? Maybe we are all making a big deal of this Emily story and it wont matter in the end. By next year or sometime in the next few years or so we will all probably forget this story. (Anyway these celeb relationships dont last for too long anyway.) All I care about, is why VS wont take her on. Thats the real story I care about. Also whether SI will take her on again next year (she finished last in the rookie voting which is bad news). And will she still be with Maybelline next year, and in 5 years? And will she still be a model in 5-10 years or will she try acting? I care about her career and hope that since the recent resurgence since SI, that she keeps it up and stays with it. So I wont talk about this particular story anymore from now on because its all pointless in the end.
  5. But why would she want to keep quiet? Isnt the point of being a successful model having your name be known? If her friends say its not true and Justin also and she says shes single for valentines day (the US weekly story says theyve been dating for several months) I have to side with them. Again, Emily wont deny it on twitter. She keeps that thing very professional and just about her modeling. Ive been to NYC 365 days in the past year (I live there) and Ive been in soho about 75-85 times for my work out of the past year. I dont see all these celebs and models. There are millions of people in the city. How many celebs and models are there? Maybe I need to get new glasses. I dont know. Or maybe I blink too much. Blink. Oh there I missed Robert De Niro. Blink. Oh there I missed Leo Dicaprio. Blink. Oh there goes Candice Swanepoel.
  6. I dont think she would go on twitter to deny it. Her twitter isnt like most models. Its not personal at all. It all seems like very modeling oriented tweets. Other models seem to have more personal and candid twitters. She doesnt even reply to people. Very professional oriented. (Even Candice and Doutzen arguably more established models reply to different people.) Proof for: Us weekly, twitter photo, a person on twitter who saw them Proof against: A friend here on bellazon, her interview on youtube, a friend on twitter that said it wasnt true, and Justin Hopwood's instagram comment 4 against 3 says theyre not. Also any pics of her recently on her free time seem to be with girl friends. Anyway its all confusing. Maybe thats the point? Who knows? (I kind of take the Soho sighting with a grain of salt. I mean I live in NYC and have been in Soho countless times. Its not that easy to just be a fan of some model or celeb and then oh all of a sudden be able to spot them out on the street. How many celebs or models have you seen? I dont know)
  7. This is the twitter photo of Emily with Jake in Atlanta: https://twitter.com/...0934273/photo/1 So then what does this all mean? Its like a game of telephone. One story is changing into another story and that story changed into another story and now its a different story, but maybe it was the original story all long. I don't know what to believe. Maybe its a series of half truths. Maybe shes not completely dating him. They met. She liked him. He liked her. Maybe there was a date or two. But maybe it just never developed into a romance. That would explain why there is the US weekly story that Perez Hilton quoted, as well as the picture. It would also explain the evidence that shes not with him to, like the video of her saying she doesnt have a valentine, Justin Hopwood's twitter comment, and her friend on here saying she isnt dating JG, etc. In my opinion, I always thought JG played for the other team. There has been alot of rumors of him using beards to cover up his real interests. So to be honest, thats why I doubted it from the start. Who knows. I dont. :morning:
  8. I understand your point, but I would rather have the pics than not. She is a high profile celeb, so its kind of fair game. High profile celeb? Comeon, reality check. Shes big in the modeling world-ok. But 99% of the population would not be able to put a name to her face. Shes note a high profile celeb. Shes not even a celeb. People arent sitting around and talking about her in their homes or in restaurants. The realty of how papparazzi catch people is that someone phones in to them saying so and so will be at this location at this time. Usually an agent or a friend. I remember an interview with Mila Kunis and she said that actresses have working relationships with paparazzi and someone will call them to say where an actress will be at what time. Im not saying Doutzen does that, but who knows when it comes to agencies. Agencies want their models to seem high in demand in order to sell the models to companies and make as much money as they can. Just think about it. If you were a paparazzi, how would you start. You have a camera. But how on earth do you manage to find particular celebs? You think the pros just stand on a beach all day and have their camera on? And if they find a pretty face in the crowd on a busy beach, how is it they always know the person's name. Like I said, we know Doutzen, but 99% of the population doesnt know her by name, so when a pap sees her they wouldnt automatically know her name. But some how they do, so you have to think that what Mila Kunis says it true, that if a pap takes pictures, its because they were told to. Of course there are paps that take pics of real big celebs that cant avoid the paps, like Madonna or Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie, but when its not a world famous musician or movie star, you have to suspect that someone called the paparazzi. Sorry for this rant. It just bugs me when people are feeling bad for her when she gets her picture taken on the beach. Come on. (Also, if shes such a high profile celeb, how come those people in the background on the beach dont seem to notice her or care?)
  9. Did you see the voice in the video (around minute 7), probably the cameraman, ask "whos the talent? A generic model?" and then he laughed. First of all buddy, you're the one taking the time to stand outside in the wind and track and hold your camera up at her for 10 minutes. You dont know who she is, then why spend the time and film? Why then laugh at her for not being someone you know? I dont get paparazzi. It doesnt matter who it is, a movie star, a musician, an athlete, or as he calls "a generic model" they will try to make money off of any one they can. I guess I'm biased. To us bellazon members, we look at these models and think they are famous but in reality 99% of the population probably cant put a name to their faces. (Also, did you see how many times she looked directly at the pap camera? She was probably wondering "what the hell?" This is probably her first time being shot by a pap. The only models I ever saw being shot by paps were Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes+other VS models.)
  10. http://perezhilton.com/2013-03-07-jake-gyllenhaal-emily-didonato-dating-sports-illustrated-model#.UVkUizt4fm9 There is an intersting comment (comment #6) on that page regarding todays topic about Emily. Supposedly there is a photo of Emily with Jake talking in Atlanta on instagram. I've been searching for the past 30 minutes but cant find it. If it does exist, someone should find it. Also, why was Emily in Jamaica? She posted a tweet with a video of her dancing with Behati Prinsloo in Jamaica. Behati is dating Adam Levine, who is friends with Jake Gyllenhaal.
  11. Well there you go, i dont see how they could find the time and keep it a secret, doesn't seem feasible. Or maybe after the break up of a long relationship one might want to take a break as well. Fresh wounds and all that, especially when your that young. If you get involved with a celeb you can get dragged in the mud-something she and other models probably dont want. They're not really 'famous'-in the fashion world maybe-but they seem to like their anonymity. It can seriously backfire on you with the way the media is these days more than ever. Also if you notice that even when she does have free time , she spends the time with her friends at concerts (referring to the pic of her with Sara Sampaio at a concert and then from yesterday's Taylor Swift concert pics. Side note: Isnt it interesting, if we were to believe US weekly, that she would go to see Taylor Swift? So she is dating a celebrity and going to see his famous ex girlfriend's concert? Most signs point to the US weekly story being false. Also, any site or source that mentions them dating is always quoting the original US weekly story. Its lazy reporting. (Anyone that has a gossip site or celeb site or modeling site will use her name and his name to get clicks from Google.) Same story, same information. If the story was true, they would have some new information about them by now. So I think there is no them. Most likely shes single. Would she even go out with him or would the relationship work out is a whole other debate. I know this thread is supposed to be about her work. I think this topic is relevant because if it werent for her work, no one from the media would know who she is and this story about them dating wouldnt exist.(...Of course regardless of her profession she is still very beautiful and would still be able to attract a celeb even if she was just a student.)
  12. So she says in the interview that she doesnt have a valentine. That US Weekly article says shes been dating Jake for 2 months. Gossipcop says its not true. Her friend on twitter replied to someone saying it wasnt true also. Now this video from 3 weeks ago has her saying shes single. 3 against 1. I know this is supposed to be about her modeling but since these sources were posted on this thread by others users, I think its ok to talk about the issue.
  13. So is she dating Jake or not? Her friend on twitter apparently denied it and Gossipcop denied it, while US Weekly says yes.
  14. http://www.gossipcop.com/jake-gyllenhaal-dating-emily-didonato-girlfriend-couple/ This says no.
  15. Is it 1000 yet?(Is this 1000 pages?)
  16. http://siswimdaily.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/didonato-annev.jpg?w=600&h=468 Is she checking her bellazon thread? Please textlink or upload images onto a host instead of hotlinking. For more information click HERE. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture
  17. Emily Didonato answering questions.
  18. yes, please, someone, anyone, who is she? with that face, she has to be someone people know.
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