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  1. Amazing body. Why isn't she in VS? Why doesn't she have more work?
  2. Elsa is 26? Maybe working for VS Pink is a compliment if shes being used to market the teen-college line of clothes they sell. Then again, look at Hollywood using 30 year olds to play highschool and college characters. If I was modelling and being asked to market to teens when I was closer to 30, I would take it as a big compliment. Now that she's with VS, shes finally made it, but maybe she will miss wearing the clothes from VS Pink? They seem to be more fun designs and patterns and more youthful.
  3. She should have more work by now, shouldn't she? Why aren't there any new pictures? SI and a national commercial should be enough for her to be big time by now.
  4. Who is this with her, her bf? I've never heard anything about any bf in all this time.
  5. I never reply but after reading some of you saying Doutzen looks "old", I have to address the insane. She is 29 years old. Just because an hd camera shows her skin pores up close, doesn't make her old. I couldn't see any wrinkles and most people have wrinkles even in their teens, that's why women wear make up from an early age. Doutzen is a young woman and she looks amazing. True goddess.
  6. After replying to a few fans on twitter, now Emily is working with VS? Am I a magician? :Dinah: Its like whatever I ask of her, eventually you see it. I hope she becomes an angel one day. Eventually Adriana and Alessandra are going to leave. And I think Lily will leave soon too. Thats not ripping them, its just a fact that models are humans and they age and no one stays with VS forever, unless they develop a line of clothing for older women I guess. VS Beige featuring Betty White. But anyway, angel wings will become available and I think after Barbara Palvin gets hers and maybe someone like Sara Sampaio gets hers, I think if this is the start of a constant relationship between Emily and VS, then I could see Emily becoming an Angel within the next 3 years. I keep saying she would be perfect for them, shes got a beautiful face and shes fit. Something VS seems to like. Besides Alyssa Miller and Hillary Rhoda, shes the only American model I could see becoming a VS Angel and I think she has to be the most eligible American model because her look fits in better than the others.
  7. Yeah, her modeling is slowing down again. I hope she works for VS. I keep saying, she would be perfect for them. Is there a more qualified American model for VS than Emily? Ok, there is Alyssa Miller and Hillary Rhoda. But I like Emily more than them because shes more beautiful. Also, isnt she younger? So she could easily start working for their VS Pink line. If they signed her, she would have many years ahead of her for them. If I were her or her manager or agent, I would earnestly campaign for Emily to work for VS. I would keep calling VS and sending them pics of her in VS clothes and sending her to the castings they have for their fashion show every year. They are dumb if they dont ever sign her. Also, I'd like to see her work with someone like Rag and Bone. They have sexy, eye catching campaigns.
  8. Im with Prettyphile. Theres a big difference between criticism for physical attributes and character attributes. I think the only physical attributes you should be able to critique are the ones that arent actually part of the person's physical body, like hair style, make up, nail polish, clothes. In my opinion those things can be debatable because those things arent usually up to the model herself anyway. Its what they give her. Other than those things, nothing about looks should be criticized in a fan forum. And since it is a fan forum, the way a person treats their fans can be discussed and debated also. But I do think if character attributes are talked about, then they should be justified and explained in some way. When one of us talked about her character, we gave proof in the way she seems to be with her fans. Regardless, one criticism that should always be off limits is criticism of another person in this thread in public. I think you can say if someone is wrong about something. Please do because it sparks a good and smart conversation between users-just please dont call someone a mean or nasty name. Be nice about criticism towards another user. You can say something like "You know what User99, I think you are wrong about what you said because from what I've seen, shes not like that." Say things in a polite way and you can make everyone enjoy this thread even more. I guess if you do have something mean to say and you are desperate to let that person know, send a private message. The big problem is saying something mean to someone in front of everyone. Lets remember that this is a public forum and anyone can read it. Also remember that while we are all "hiding" under these usernames, in a way, maybe some of us use the same user name in many places and theres an online reputation to uphold. So if you are saying mean things that stuff stays around and if you ever find your words years later, you might regret it and feel bad about being mean to someone else. I dont know. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Sercawres, that is your opinion and I respect it, but you should take it back. Seriously, she looks like mini Doutzen. Could you imagine her with lighter hair? Dutch delight. (I know shes like Italian and something but Doutzen is Dutch and Im just making my point) They could be sisters. Two beautiful angels. Ahem, one angel and another one that deserves the chance to fly one day. As for the Twitter tweet she made to a follower, Im going to brush it off. Its probably a coincidence. :morning: Anyway, guys dont scare her off! Its like if you ever get the chance to see a deer. You dont acknowledge it or make a big deal of it being there. Pretend you dont see it or else you might scare it away. (Y) Prettyphile, Fidelio, and Phenobarbie, (Y) thanks for sticking with me during the debate and thanks for defending me when people were mean. I will return the favour anytime. If Im missing anyone else, thanks to you to.
  10. I don't have twitter, could somebody ask Emily on twitter when these pictures are from? Thanks. Thats a really tough task to take on. Could I just climb Mt. Everest instead? Seems more inviting. Anyway, Im going to put aside the discussion of the past few pages and just check for any new pictures on here. If anyone wants to continue the debate, they can send me a message. Thank you all for voicing your opinions.
  11. Can we clarify a few things? -Comments are being taken out context and words are being put in that people have never said in this thread. No one called Emily a "shitty person". From all the posts I've read, no one has used that word. Also, no one is saying that they hate people saying how beautiful and great she is. All phenobarbie said was that people should be allowed to critic certain things about a model without other people in the thread putting that person down and calling them names. -About a model being too busy-can we stop treating models like they're the president of the united states? They're models. The notion of a model being too busy to reply to some people, some times, has already been disproven by the many successful models that do reply to fans. As well as the people that tend to be more famous than models in the world like actors/actresses, athletes, journalists/writers and politicians. She doesn't get thousands of questions on twitter. She posted a few pictures this last week, she might have gotten 10 comments and a few of those might have been a question. -Yes, this forum is for the fans. But as fans, we should be allowed to voice our opinions, politely. As a fan of an actor, musician, athlete, do you always like everything they do? If a model does something that someone doesn't like then that person should be able to debate it with other fans in this forum. Those that did criticize her for her way towards fan on twitter and on this forum have never said anything mean. The irony is that the people that called out those people that criticized were the ones that had something mean to say in their posts- towards other fans. -One more thing that I have alluded to before but think I should stress more clearly is that this criticism towards Emily is constructive criticism. In every post, I have continually said that I think she should be a bigger model than she is. Thats why I talked about how being better with her fans would propel her and move her into the top tier of models. Nowadays, there are a lot of models. Bellazon is filled to the brim with models. I see a new model I have never seen before everyday. Its also so easy now for a girl to get noticed because all the top agencies have websites with submit pages for girls to try and get into modeling. Today in the modeling world, I think because of the large amount of models, we don't have any real supermodels- models with household names. I think Emily has a chance to actually be a supermodel. But for that to happen, she has to build a large fan base and you do that by doing nice things that people remember like replying to fans. A strong foundation of fans can extend a person's career. Its constructive criticism- an opinion from a fan and someone just generally interested in the PR world. Everyone deserves to voice their opinion.
  12. I guess we can all agree we hope for more from Emily. Some hope she becomes more outgoing with her fans and that she realizes that it would help her career as a model. Some hope she focuses on the modeling and does more. We all hope her modeling progresses. Is it safe so say that as of now, she could be a bigger model than she is? Currently, I think she is a good model but not really as well known as others and her career could be better given everything she has going for her. She has one of the most beautiful and original faces in modeling. She is athletic and has the "all-american" thing that people like for commercial modeling. Now that shes been in the business for about 5 years, I think she should have been a bigger model by now. Maybe getting Maybelline at the start of her career was, in a way, something that slowed her down. By getting a contract so early, she maybe wasnt as eager to work with different people and she was happy with the status quo?? When you look at models like Cara Delevingne, Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, and Adriana Lima who at Emily's age were much bigger models, I think there is a legitimate argument that could be made that being more outgoing with fans is actually something she needs in order to propel her forward and live up to her given potential.
  13. Well I hope she is nice in person and a really down to earth girl. There are a lot of models and there are lot of really beautiful models. I cant just admire a model for being beautiful. I need to be able to respect her. So the vibe she sends does bother me. If Im wrong about her then good. If its true that she doesnt even answer her family and real friends then I dont know. I think that would bother me even more. But if she is really a nice girl and she is just technologically impaired then ok. She doesnt seem like shes tech impaired though with all the pics and vine stuff she posts. So we dont know. Hopefully she turns out to be nice because I want to like her. It would really benefit her to be more active on twitter and talk to her fans in order to build a following. She needs it for her career. She has 29,000 followers. There are models with 900,000 followers like Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima and Kate Upton. Bar Rafaeli has 457,000. Candice and Doutzen both have 420,000. Chrissy Teigen and Barbara Palvin have more than 300,000 followers. Irina Shayk has 250,000. Erin Heatherson has 160,000 followers. Nina Agdal has 72,000 followers. Heidi Klum has 1,457,000 followers. Maybe this is why she isnt with VS? While twitter has nothing to do with actually taking pictures and modeling, having fans separates the successful models from the rest. Most models last 5 years maybe even less. This is all just reality. I hope these numbers would be sobering to her. I think she is more beautiful than some of the models I've listed. She could easily have their success. Success=fans and twitter followers reflect the amount of fans one has. But maybe she just doesnt want to be a big model? Who knows. I hope for the best though. Also when you think about it, why shouldnt she be a big model? Shes got the beauty and she also has the "All-American" thing going for her. But I dont know if she wants to be a big model. Shes hard to figure out.
  14. Maybe I started a crazy conversation. Sorry about that. I really like the support that I am getting from the people that agree with me. (Y) But I've also read the posts of the people that dont agree. Disagreement is natural and makes life more interesting. (Y) Its always welcome, but some of the points are just wrong. For instance, I never used any rumors about her in any of my statements. I based all my statements on what I observed from her dealing with fans. Also there have been people on here who supported my statements and showed proof of her attitude towards her fans. Those that say they dont care how she treats her fans as long as they can go to this forum and admire her beauty and modeling work, remember she is not comfortable with you being on this forum because she calls it stalking and it disturbs her. Oops I went to this forum again, am I stalking? Am I looking at the computer screen using binoculars? (Only appropriate emoticon I could find for this last statement.) I just went to youtube, typed in my favorite models name and found some videos of her. I hope thats not a crime. I found this video posted by an emdidonato.Is it hers? Is it her own account? Will she delete it or hide it the way she has every other thing she posts that a fan finds by googling? So watch out, this video might be deleted or hidden by the time most of you "stalking" and "disturbing" people read this. If your going to be a model then model. Dont have a twitter. Especially a verified twitter where you want people to know about you and your work. If your going to have a verified twitter and try be famous than be thankful for every fan you have. If its a professional twitter then why does she post person pics of her with her family and friends and her dog? What about the other models or the actors and actresses etc who have twitters? And if its a professional twitter and someone asks her about her work or compliments her about her work why cant she reply professionally? Shes a beautiful girl, and great model. But I dont get the people that call her a sweet and lovely person though, because they dont know her. They dont. I dont either. So we can only go by what she puts out there in front of us and what she puts out there in front of us is that she will ignore her fans and wants us to leave her alone, except for when she needs to remind us that shes working for so and so. What she makes it seem like, is that shes like the super popular girl in school who never talks to 99% of the people in school, but when it comes to running for class president or prom queen, she asks that everyone votes for her. Again these arent rumors, its just the way she makes it seem. If it turns out that I am completely wrong, then Im wrong. I hope shes this really sweet and nice person who believes in treating everyone with respect, even the fans that support her career. So I hope Im wrong. And to prove me wrong takes just one tweet from her to just one fan that compliments her or makes her artwork or asks her a question and she does say "thanks" or "ty" or "cool" or anything. So I will be watching this forum but dont expect her to actually see any of this or care. :morning: (I was going to multiquote those that agree and also those that disagree but it would be an even longer post. But I would like to thank those that have supported my thoughts on this matter. )
  15. From what I gather from the posts in the last 36 hrs, more people seem to agree with me. She has a twitter. A verified twitter, which is designed for people to click follow and instantly be approved so that her tweets show up to the masses. She tweets pictures out and the her standard "great to work with @blahblah today" or "another awesome @maybelline shoot, love those guys" or "check out swim daily @SI blah blah". So she asks her followers on twitter to check out her work. She posts personal pictures of her family and childhood on twitter also. She wants her followers to check out her self-approved personal pics and pics from her work with SI and Maybelline and whoever else she gets paid by. Is that wrong to assume? So she's basically trying to establish some sort of twitter-follower-relationship with her followers. Is that wrong to assume? If thats the case, when a follower tweets her questions or comments about her work and her tweets, like "where did that shoot take place" or "who's the photographer" or "always love your work" or send her a drawing or artwork featuring her beauty, should she in an attempt to pay back her followers, atleast acknowledge their existence? A retweet or a fan's artwork of her? A reply to a fan with a "ty" or "thanks" ? Or answering a fan's question about her work like "that shoot took place in NY" and it can even be a simple "NY" if shes too busy to type out "that shoot took place in..". It almost seems like she goes out of her way to ignore or avoid her followers and fans on twitter. So my point was that why should I follow her? So I unfollowed her. Simple. Her way of dealing with fans on twitter also reflects the way she's treated her fans on this forum and on the other forum and youtube and facebook. If you find her on any social media site and you arent someone in fashion or the fame game then she wants you to leave her alone. Or atleast buy the products she gets paid to show off and then leave her alone. Thats the vibe she sends. Shes cold to her fans. And whoever brought up the b word, I didnt. Again, I keep saying shes beautiful and shes a good model and her work is good and I hope SI keeps her next year and that VS signs her. We all agree on that. I dont think shes a b. But i do think shes cold and she has a lack of respect for everything she has and she doesnt understand that shes nothing without her fans. Its true. Think about it. If she didnt have fans, her career would be really short. Shes mentioned her interest in acting. If she wants to make that big transition and make it a successful one (many people fail in that transition) she needs fans. Fan appreciation goes a long way and her fans make her who she is. Tweeting pictures isnt fan appreciation. I can go to this forum or google or bing or the other forum and find her pics. This isnt personal either, I was just reading the comments on her tweets and whenever someone asks her a question or tweets her artwork and she ignores them. I know I wouldnt treat my fans that way. So I unfollowed her. Other models reply to tweets, and retweet fans' tweets. Some of those models are more famous than her. There are famous actors, actresses, directors, musicians, politicians, and athletes that somehow find the time to reply to tweets also. They set a standard and Emily isnt living up to that standard with her fans and followers. Again, shes shown that with this forum where she calls us her stalkers. So while I will look at her work in this forum, I wont follow her on twitter. I will follow some of those other models. And thats how you lose a fan.
  16. Sorry ap88.......... I have to disagree with you here..........I can only appreciate and thank Emily for using twitter as a medium to supply us, the fans, with a glimpse into her life...... I really cannot see why we as fans should put Emily under any obligation to reply to our tweets. ....... Leave them in peace and admire the work that they do ................
  17. I really dont like Emily on twitter because she never replies to anyone's tweets unless theyre in modeling or fashion. You have to be someone she could work with in order to garner her interest and time. There are people 100x more famous than her who reply to just about anybody on twiiter. She tweets out links to her work with Maybelline and SI and Oysho etc and wants us to read her tweets but she doesnt read or reply to our tweets. Its not fair. Im a fan of her work and I think she is beautiful but Im unfollowing her on twitter. Is it just me or does it seem like she thinks and acts like shes above it all?
  18. I like Candice's nike sneakers. Does anyone know what those are called and where I could buy some like those or similar? Update: (15 mins later) Ok, so with some quick nike shoe browsing through their website's street style section, the sneakers she is wearing are called Nike Dunk High. Not expensive either. (Depending on the style of course.) For anyone thats interested.
  19. Hi. I was wondering if any models or beautiful women date men other than the rich and famous? Do they only date millionaires/billionaires, athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, businessmen, etc.?? Can we start this thread listing all the models that date less financially successful men? For starters, I know Candice Swanepoel dates a male model. Doutzen Kroes married a lesser known DJ. Anyone else?
  20. Plus, when did she even have the 2 month down time to disappear from modelling, in order to have the surgery and recover from it? Shes been a busy model from the time the 1st picture was taken. If she had a problem with the look of her nose then why would she have even been taken by a big agency and bunch of clients for modelling work? Dont agencies go for the girls they think are the more money making worthy for the agency? And if she felt insecure about her nose and went so far as to get surgery, where did she get the self security to become a model and show her self off for photoshoots, in the first place?
  21. I think its the same. Compare her nose in proportion to her face and compare her nose to her lips and it aligns with the shape of her lips the same way.
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