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  1. thank you for the candice and elsa pics. i want to see more of them together.
  2. She is so beautiful and always has good bikini and lingerie photos , she needs to be a VS angel . Sadly, I think a lot of what VS cares about now is social media and she needs more followers. Other models cough cough Gigi cough cough that have recently been signed or chosen to walk in the VS show have at least a million followers. :morning: Hopefully Hannah work her way to getting more, even though its ridiculous that VS <_< is looking for that instead of women that can actually model. :baronlamesign:
  3. Oh . I feel dumb. Thanks for clearing that up.
  4. Why is she being called Robin Marjolein?
  5. can someone tell me why her surname changed?
  6. In a year or 2, I think this girl is going to be huge, HUGE .
  7. Can someone post her recent instagram pics? I would, but I'm not sure how.
  8. I still can't believe there are no full body shots of her for VS. Is this normal for them to do? She has an amazing body.
  9. May be this is off topic, so I hope I don't get in trouble, but how do I figure out who the girl next to her is? Is she a model and what is her name?
  10. Why aren't her photos full body? She has such a nice body. Its a shame.
  11. I think TS tour thinghy is stupid as fuck as well, but this statement is complete no sense to me. She sorrounds herself with models (mostly all her "bffs" are models) so I don't think this is the case. Yeah, Candice is super beautiful but so are Karlie, Lily, Behati (I'm not even her fan, but still...) and Gigi, so I really don't see the point... I know this is off topic so this will be the last thing I say on the matter: None of those are anywhere near as beautiful as Taylor, let alone Candice. They have that atypical beauty that only the fashion world could drool over, especially Karlie. As for Taylor, it's just that everything about her is so contrived, from her appearance (see her candids) to her various social media accounts, and I think this extends to her social circle. It's as though she never stops thinking about PR. Her music is genuine, but she never seems to be. I don't think she has any real friends (like Rihanna has Melissa Forde), she just has aquaintances and people with whom she wants to share some of their limelight (such as Americas World Cup winning football team). Candice (and Rihanna - can you tell I'm a fan? ) are real and genuine people in a way Taylor isn't. WAIT, are you calling Taylor Swift more beautiful than the VS models, including Candice? Thats your opinion? Taylor looks like a child next to those goddesses. Candice alone has one of the most beautiful, striking faces and a flawless, hourglass body that is a work of art. Taylor is no where near as beautiful as those models. What is so atypical about their beauty? They are living up to the standard of beautiful women of modeling that went before them. Big eyes, big lips, long legs, small waist, wide hips, flat stomachs. Those are the most common features in every beautiful woman, not counting chest. Taylor Swift is thin, tall and her face is cute. She is not as beautiful as those people. You sound like a fan of hers so you're biased. Everything about her is contrived, even her look. She wears a ton of make up, tight, short dresses to make her legs look longer, and she probably diets like a mad man to stay so thin. There is nothing original about her. Her music is contrived too. Every song is based on a public relationship and PR, its all cowritten, and the songs always sound generic pop that will appeal to the masses. She is boring. Get her out of this Candice thread please.
  12. I check into these forums almost everyday. I love Doutzen, Elsa, and Candice. But in the W photo, I think she looks too skinny. I'm talking about her legs and butt. Sorry to be negative.
  13. Is it just me or has Doutzen's you know what increased in size? Is it possible that she might have had very very slight, minor work done to enhance her size? I emphasize slight. Please don't take offense, as I am only making a suggestion that she might have. Its is her right to, since it is also part of her job to show her body. Many women do, so it would not be unusual by any means, especially when it might be very, very slight. Regardless, she looks very good and beautiful as always. She is my favorite.
  14. Wa wa wee wa. Look at her body. SI and VS are missing out.
  15. What is the origin of that selfie?
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