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  1. Good news or bad? He's dating Paris Hilton.
  2. Well, it's not true. Ford Models Twitter made it clear: Francisco does not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  3. I have no words to describe this perfect human being! His amazing face, is just melting your heart...
  4. Confirmed to be making his catwalk debut on at least one major runway this season, it’s not just us who think Justus is spectacular. Discovered at a coffee shop by an agent from Quantum 7, Justus has these images and only these images at the moment, but nevertheless big clients have taken notice and he’s already been signed to Fashion Milan and FM London. This boy is on his way – Justus will prevail! STATS Full Name: Justus Sven Eisfeld Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: 187cm / 6′1.5″ Place of Origin: Dresden, Germany Date of Birth: May 29 AGENCIES Mother Agency: QUANTUM 7 MODEL MANAGEMENT Milan: FASHION London: FM AGENCY Source: models.com
  5. Slava Suvorov - January 23rd Matt Poile - January 27th Jaco Van den Hoven - March 6th Stas Baryshevsky - April 13th Taras Koltun - April 19th Andras Kajari - May 3rd Gianluca Albonico - May 9th Benedikt Angerer - May 17th Rickerd Raymer- May 24th Justus Eisfeld - May 29th Lennart Richter - June 26th Miles McMillen - June 27th Freddie Rayner - June 29th Genia Potapenko - August 13th Gaspard Menier - August 22nd Harald Salin - September 18th Mike van Leeuwen - October 18th Martin Beranek - November 1st Vova Gurjanov - November 13th Dillon Rosel - November 14th Humbert Clotet - December 31st
  6. Akcent - I'm Sorry feat Sandra N. Emma's appearance and play is wonderful!
  7. I just...can't... Why do I have to choose between them They both are amazing! Oh well. Tobias x3
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