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  1. Excellent post. Giza could become fashion's hottest new property in photographic modelling in 2014. She doesn't just have a phenomenal look, she communicates it with her own brand of humour. Please do not hotlink images. See the rules of Bellazon at the top of the home page. ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average
  2. I'm pretty confident that Anais Pouliot did Agent Provocateur lingerie catalogue shoots in the past year. The model is sensational but the bookings don't appear on the jobs listed on her agencies. What do you think? There are several posts for the brand online.
  3. I noticed this candid shot on one of the celebrity sites. It wasn't captioned. She looks very much like Jessica Biel from the front - same hair, legs, skin tone and wide mouth, but without that famous butt. She must be a celebrity to attract a good papp shot like this. But who the heck is she?
  4. reminds me of Angie Schmidt, but I have my doubts. No, she's much younger than the South African who's been working out of Germany for the past eight years. I can't even work out which nationality this new model might be. Maybe latina?
  5. I noticed these catalogue shots online of the new Fall 2010 AP range. The model in the black lace outfits is new to me, but as strong as anyone in the VS crew. Has an Eliza Dushku look, but way taller and twice as beautiful. Who is she?
  6. Natalie Wood in The Great Race (1965) - sexy, funny, stunning in lingerie and cute in the pie fight. Claudia Cardinale - beautiful and funny in The Pink Panther (1964). Killer hot in two classic Westerns - Once Upon A Time In the West (1968) and The Professionals (1966). Jane Fonda - the radical actress wins an Oscar as dynamite call girl Bree Daniels in Klute (1971). Annie Parillaud in Nikita (1990) - hooker turns hit-woman. Annie makes Bridget Fonda look like a girl-scout in the tame US remake. And the most powerful child actress of them all - Natalie Portman in Leon (The Professional - 1994). At 13, showing just as much edge as Jean Reno and Gary Oldman in Luc Besson's ultra violent hit-man classic.
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