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  1. Oh wow!!!!! All grown up Laetitia and Marie-Ange in the same unphotoshopped photo!!!!
  2. Oh I absolutely adore this set!!!! Thank you Ewciolina!!
  3. I've had a look through my collection but it turns out my version isn't really much different to yours. The pics looked so much bigger in the old days
  4. Of course, that's classic Laetitia but I'm about to go to work....my search will have to wait
  5. It appears that UK Customs charged one UK buyer more in taxes than the original calendar price, which wasn't cheap to start with....thank god for generous people here
  6. Happy Christmas to Laetitia fans everywhere
  7. Yay!!!! I hope there are lots of Laetitia pics inside!!!
  8. Now I've gone from being in two minds to three minds.....the postage is $16.99 and it doesn't mention whether that includes the taxes...unlike the last time I ordered something from America....so basically this calendar will cost me at least £35
  9. I was thinking of ordering one...as it's the perfect excuse to give a $1 to charity I just googled to see what possible customs fees and taxes I'd have to pay and it mentioned items that would get confiscated at that point include 'indecent or obscene material'....now obviously it's not obscene...but what would the Royal Mail make of it all? I wish I wasn't so sensible!!
  10. Thank you Ewciolina, that video is sooooo
  11. As I gradually scrolled down the page I knew would have something to say about the pap pics! I do have to agree they're not the best and I don't like ones where Laetitia hides from the lens. Still, the ones at the top of the page are nice
  12. It is indeed a very nice look and outfit for Laetitia
  13. That's a really nice pic
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