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  1. Alas Laetitia is not safe from cameras anywhere
  2. It looks like Laetitia is about to be washed away by a massive waffle wave....something that most of us in this temple are at risk of on a daily basis
  3. for some reason the photographer chose to airbrush the additional ' FF R' from her arm!!!
  4. White T-shirt Wet hair White hair Wet T-shirt
  5. Laetitia looks every bit as fab in a white T-shirt as she does in her smarter photo shoot
  6. Is this a new pic? I'm seriously worried if its a repost and I can't remember it .....perhaps I need to go to the doctor!!
  7. I disagree so many of Laetitia's finest pictures are when her hair is tied back....in fact she remains beautiful even when she's had no hair at all!!
  8. What a fantastic new photoshoot!!! Suddenly I feel like having a swim
  9. I doubt she was sulking....but Laetitia looked fabulous in this clip
  10. Give me a moment, my sides hurt.......
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Not Fabio Fazio !? Time to build up my punching muscles!!
  12. I'd love to see some official pics
  13. Which seat is she sat in?
  14. Some of my favourite words....thank you Ewciolina
  15. Oh I like those....I mean that dress !!!
  16. I think the sunglasses go well with the look of Laetitia's dress
  17. Thank you Ewciolina, I do buy a watch magazine.....but I've not heard of that particular one
  18. Yep,Mr allowed himself a degree of wriggle room
  19. Yaaaaaay Laetitia looks Cannestastic once again!!!! I approve of the almost full length slit
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