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  1. Yep but there is one freakier freak. Right, Mr ?
  2. Simply the most beautiful of Laetitia temples. Long may it stay on the interweb even if it's never updated again just so we can interact with the gorgeous temple keepers But look at the dates, five months until the 10th anniversary of the last update Two years since people stopped regularly asking for a password
  3. A Christmas present from Laetitia Claus
  4. Has she said that? I've only seen her say this has made her consider whether to do more in future
  5. I'm not denying reality. The first four words I wrote are 'It is a reality'. Nor did I say it's all this site's fault.
  6. Tiny video clip from Laetitia's Instagram today lae.mp4
  7. It is a reality and I'm sure Genevieve and her people took all that in to account, particularly for last year's calendar given the nudity. If you are going to create something of interest a small percentage of people are going to share it so they can get the virtual pat on the back and the 'thanks bro' comments on a fan forum. But it's perfectly natural for her to hope that fans will have her artistic and financial interests at heart even before she has to put out her polite request not to share the images. Maybe she should put a similar request in with any future calendar project. Last year my second favourite songstress requested (in advance of tickets going on sale) that nobody use phones/cameras in her concerts during a small tour of church venues....and as if by magic, to this day not a single clip of any of those concerts appeared on video sites except for professionally shot ones she released herself (for free!) and I saw no phones being used in the concert I went to.
  8. I think it's great...except for a few quotes from other models, photographers and her own introduction it's nothing but photos
  9. Today's purchase makes me want another volume of Laetitia's book
  10. It's all in foreign!! But she looks great
  11. I don't know how many of those have been posted here but Mr strongly dislikes pap pics in this temple to Laetitia
  12. Poor Laetitia being spied upon while clock shopping
  13. Diamond.com's advertising campaign is far superior to De Beers' A Waffle Is Forever
  14. Ooo lovely.....is Laetitia in a sexy new remake of Philomena?
  15. No, that we 'can thank her bf for that. He dosent like the attention she's getting'
  16. That doesn't mean you can post politi-waffles!!! Unless Laetitia is going to start doing TV interviews about it so I can just watch them here
  17. A particularly fine pic today unless you were trying to identify the car in the background
  18. I hope Laetitia gives me the details soon as I'll have to book the days off work!
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