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  1. Best wishes on your 40th birthday Laetitia
  2. Awww another Casta baby I've lost track of who the father may be
  3. I think 1996 was my Laetitia discovery year, a bit late but not bad for a British bloke
  4. Awww she's looking cute with her fringe
  5. Yay, thanks Ewciolina...a nice photo shoot!!
  6. That is quite a come down in value for money if the price remains the same
  7. Do you mean the number of new photos is small or that there is only one new photo and it's small?
  8. I would hope all fans that follow the link would respect Genevieve's reasonable request not to distribute these photos to other people via websites.....but hopefully the pricing may put people doing so too, $30 is the same cost as a printed calendar at the time of publishing (I know you obviously get more than double the photos with this digital offer), quite who would pay that much and then make them available to any number of people they don't know for free is beyond me. Hopefully this plan may work
  9. She's just hunting paparazzi
  10. Thank you for not mentioning Fabio Fazi.......oh f*** Now look what you made me do!
  11. If you look even more closely you'll see some faces have been pixelated....or they are wearing some strange new style of sunglasses, given out by magazine editors to save their photographers having to hide the faces of the children when they appear near their target. Mr has clearly not been able to determine your gender despite all your visits to Laetitia's temple so far.....don't let him use that as an excuse to probe you!!
  12. To read the article you have to subscribe or log in....but the headline is good enough for me
  13. As soon as I saw your photos I knew Mr would beam down from Planet Claire to tell you of his disappointment at the posting of pap pics which all Laetitia temple regulars know really boils his piss. I'm not a fan of them either to be honest....they rob her of her privacy Not him......Mr felt you were one of the people that would not post such stuff here.
  14. Yay a video of Laetitia speaking in English!! Surely there are not so many good films in 3D that you would carry your own special glasses around all the time!? I like the fact that Laetitia carries a crystal heart around
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