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  1. Red dress, black dress, blue dress, Laetitia looks fab in all of them
  2. This is the most fabulous Laetitia pic in ages
  3. Yaaaaaay an English interview Merci Ewciolina
  4. Getting away from whether you guys can see her bits or not.....
  5. Better still, give Genevieve your $30 and she'll share them with you
  6. Another digital image collection....40 pics for $30 https://genevievemorton.com/products/the-artists-collection?utm_source=gmwebsite&utm_campaign=4105f1b14a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_08_20_11_46&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e33bbb4d3f-4105f1b14a-387044949&mc_cid=4105f1b14a&mc_eid=7ad0fb8762
  7. Yeah great pap pics but try using a photo host that doesn't cause scam virus pop ups......upload them to Bellazon instead. Now I can't get back to my old Firefox session
  8. It's a shame leaked photos are appearing here again
  9. Then you get a bigger clap
  10. Ooooooh I like that, great work Laetitia
  11. Genevieve has posted another pic from the series on her Instagram today
  12. I accessed my download from the website directly as soon as I'd bought them...my emails from the website remain unread
  13. I haven't seen the calendar images .These images are all black and white, the resolution varies from photo to photo but they are at least 4617 x 3076 but a very similar shot is 6083 x 3800, most appear to be 5xxx by 3xxx. file size range from 6 to 12MB, they date from June 2015, the EXIF data shows the cameras used were a Canon 5D Mk3 and a Sony RX100 Mk2.... Image numbers go from 11 to 311 (these are not camera generated file names) , some have consecutive numbers. As per the example on her website she's sat at one end of a bathtub, there are two further variations of the example photo , a couple of her kneeling so you do get a side view and a view of her back, there's one where she's fairly upright, kneeling facing the camera that is approaching 'full frontal' though the top of the bath obscures her nether regions, and another two of that pose that are further towards a side view, a couple with hands behind her head that are good, various arty crossed legs and arms covering everything shots that are all about the eyes. And it finishes with a particularly fine, almost full frontal one of her sat sideways in the bath with her legs out of the bath in the air. Sadly no bottom pics soapy or otherwise.
  14. I think perhaps it would've been better to have 311 image thumbnails on a virtual lightbox and we pick the 31 we want....pick your fave out of 18, 21 and 24...don't give us all three when you've only got 31 pics for your money....then there's the 43, 44 near duplication. But they are great images
  15. Yeah I did too, a nice collection although annoyingly tantalizing image numbers....when will the other 280 pics ever show up
  16. Thank you, a lot better pic with FabiFazi airbrushed out
  17. Oooooh la la, I love this soggy Laetitia
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