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  1. I reported it to Instagram back on 22/1, they said they had it reviewed it and it didn't break their community guidelines....it doesn't help that when you report an account 'it's been hacked' is not an option in the drop down menu
  2. What kind of **** would do that!!?? Time for all Laegionaires to come together and be prepared to fight to the death but wait for Instagram bods to sort this out
  3. This is great, Laetitia looks great in this interview
  4. Laetitia is looking great there
  5. Laetitia's red dress is so gorgeous
  6. Thank you Ewciolina, this is all great to see
  7. 'Oh but it's not in colour and you can't see her cat' 🤣
  8. I think we've all been here before
  9. Another new series of 47 pics https://genevievemorton.com/products/after-dark-series?mc_cid=6b89191091&mc_eid=7ad0fb8762
  10. Yes, not a good choice of pic for Laetitia and then they've got the labels round the wrong way
  11. With 9 posts in over a year you seem pretty dead yourself
  12. Alternatively, if you price them high people that buy them will be less likely to share them to complete strangers they want to impress
  13. No, specifically the three sets of photos she's done on her website where she says don't share them....because if people like the idiot earlier don't care what she says there won't be any more sets to buy
  14. There we go, selfish and ignorant in two sentences. I hope your search for those people is long and fruitless.
  15. Personally I'm not concerned that the pictures are a couple of years old, they are unpublished albeit alternative shots from a published calendar. Yes I'd prefer 60 shots for my $30 or the ability to choose the 31/41/29 shots that I wanted from thumbnails but over the years I've had more than my fair share of content for no charge. I bought the first set, I'm not sure yet if I'll buy subsequent sets.
  16. You've been here five minutes, please don't try to tell me what this website is for or ask me why I'm here. This thread on a very large messageboard IS a Genevieve 'fan club', and she has visited here relatively recently to ask that we don't share these picture sets that she is selling and although people elsewhere on the net may choose to go against her wishes it would be great if we could keep these posts away from here as they are robbing her of income. We've all had plenty of Genevieve pics over the years from here for no charge whatsoever so it's not that much to ask that if you want the pictures you pay for them rather than steal money from her.
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