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  1. Yaaaaaaay.....that looks great...well done!!!!
  2. Mmm....I can't remember the exact picture that I first saw of Laetitia as it was ten years ago but she was fully clothed and it was an in a womans magazine and I remember I was like 'her face looks amazing' and then about a month or so later I saw a pic in another magazine of her modelling some swimwear and I was like 'yaaaay a model with a body!!!' she wasn't really that well known here in England and the lads mag of the day (For Him Magazine) featured her in their 100 Hottest Women supplement at some stupid number like 79 with a fairly crappy picture of her adjusting her pants and you couldn't really see her face but nearly every other 'obviously hot' woman :yuckky: had well posed glamour pics and that's why they got voted higher So my knowledge of Laetitia in those days was based only on a relatively few pics as she wasn't that well known and I didn't buy womens magazines, only reading a few at work but then we hgot the internet and my collection expanded reeeeeally quick!!
  3. Me too...an excellent set and the one with hairclip in mouth has long been my desktop wallpaper :hell yea!:
  4. So why did Pauline decide to leave!?
  5. I do....when I first discovered this Laetitia thread and read all 100+ pages in one sitting almost every picture that was either completely new to me or was higher resolution than I had already was posted by Pauline
  6. Probably my most fave Laetitia picture of all time What I would do for a clean, high res version of it
  7. I loooooooooooooooooove the colour of this corset thing...and strapless tops were a wonderful invention
  8. That's a lovely pic Alisa....the pattern on the top is really nice. I've tried to tidy the noise up a bit
  9. What kind of argument is that? If I don't like a certain model who wears VS lingerie, should I post pictures of myself wearing a thong before I'm allowed to give an opinion? Well it's a better example than your argument....you didn't say you didn't like Laetitia or any particular outfit ...but you said she didn't know how to dress herself....so I put it to you that you are no expert to start saying things like that. She has a European style of clothing and so often looks either mildly or distinctively different to how she would if she was American...or even British. And if she's on a talk show I'm just interested in what she is saying and watching her personality coming out.
  10. Well you show us screencaps of what YOU wore on the Late Show and then we'll be able to judge what kind of fashion expert you are. i see everybody attacks Ack lol i kinda agree with him, some of her outfits were lame, but each celeb flops in that sometimes Well you guide us all to some of the outfits you thought were lame then She goes on talk shows to talk....not model high end fashionwear
  11. Well you show us screencaps of what YOU wore on the Late Show and then we'll be able to judge what kind of fashion expert you are.
  12. I remember Adelaide posting a mosaic of pictures she wanted scans of and saw the one above was one she wanted.....I'm so glad she got it, in such HQ...it's so lovelly!!! :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!:
  13. Cheers. That's uber-huge....too bad I only have a 19inch screen and can only get her eyes and nose in without scrolling
  14. Hi Caroline....I wrote that about finding an avatar before I chose that pic as my avatar It is one of my most fave Laetitia pics of all time
  15. Hello I've been a longtime lurker of this board and it finally dawned on me that I should join because you seem like a nice bunch I've been a Laetitia fan for about ten years and am a member on the Zouzou board and have been known to post on Adelaide's mini-chat board too I'm going to state my 98% support of Caroline's opinion regarding posts that appear to come from the trouser department rather than the heart. I am now off to find a nice avatar
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