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  1. Some have, on Adelaide's site....but certainly not the ones you did* *statement subject to checking my collection for half an hour
  2. OOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG!!!! Where are you getting all these lovely unwatermarked versions of these Getty/Corbis pics, Emilia!!!??? Thank yoooooooouuuu Post all that you have!!!
  3. Yay..thank you Emilia, I think I only had small watermarked versions of those!!
  4. The moderator has already confirmed on the last page that resposts are ok just as long as the stuff you post is not repeats within 3-5 pages.
  5. These are the ones I can find easily....I'd love a high quality version of the last one...she's so cute
  6. Yay cheers Mel....the search was driving me !!!
  7. Righto!! *rumages around picture collection for several minutes* Can't find the last one at the moment
  8. I'm not sure if Pink Couture was accusing YOU of spamming....as obviously you were only posting lovely pictures as you always do ....I just assumed it was a message to everyone that getting the post count up to a number that is percieved to automatically gain sub-forum status by odd means was futile ....like suddenly posting 10 posts with one lovely pic in each instead of posting once with 10 lovely pics as we do usually. I don't think reposts can be helped....we can't be expected to check 3000+ posts everytime we want to post a pic we like and want to share.....and anyhoo the best part about seeing some pics I have seen already is that some are scans of much higher quality or resolution. And now.....some pics!!!
  9. Yep....it's quality not quantity that counts and I'd rather have a high quality thread where it is than fill it all with rubbish in order to have a sub-forum just to keep up with someone that isn't as lovely as Laetitia
  10. Eye Patch Girl is not Laetitia :yuckky:
  11. Hi Caroline.....hope you are well Some great movie thumbnails have been posted, especially the earlier posts....but sadly I am allergic to rapidshare....I have never successfully downloaded anything from it...ever....never ever.....
  12. What the hell did they think about dressing her up like this and put that picture on the cover!?!?! I mean, SHE looks gorgeous as ever but the clothes? <_< The SOCKS?? I guess it's because of the slogan "It's not to late for Christmas" - if your girl looks like this it's not to late to buy her some hot VS Lingerie ... What's wrong with her socks!? They look great!! Laetitia clearly lives in a lovely wintery cottage...has just got out of bed and has wandered downstairs to answer the door and needs to keep her feet warm...realises she's left her slippers by the bed and so put on the first thing that came to hand!!
  13. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 3000 posts!!!!!!! :dance: :hell yea!: Now....who's gonna help me get us up to 4000!?
  14. Bye Caroline Hope you feel better soon
  15. Excellent work Sanja....the lovely new pics with no watermarks!! My current wallpaper
  16. Oh you do....sometimes....I've never liked the Alberta Ferretti shoot, for example, as he didn't make her look nice. WHAT!?!?! The pictures are gorgeous!!! Nope sorry....if you ask me to name any bad shots in my 8000+ collection I would immediately name the Alberta Ferretti shoot as being the worst in it as the photographer did a really bad job...and *gulp* Laetitia had a bad hair day that day
  17. Oh you do....sometimes....I've never liked the Alberta Ferretti shoot, for example, as he didn't make her look nice.
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