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  1. Yay....thank you very much, Emilia
  2. Yaay thank you Emilia...those green outfit pics are lovely!! And I'm so glad Laetitia decided to look at us and not those photographers!!!
  3. Yep...and it's great to see that so many are female...and men with brains in their heads and not in their trousers
  4. It's his idea of a joke, he's used it 27+ times before (including in posts which have thankfully been deleted by the mods) and it doesn't get any funnier. It also shows great disrespect to Laetitia His usename is clearly a misnomer!!!
  5. The lovely Emilia has already posted the pic that I got it from a page or two ago
  6. Ahhhhhhhhh hang on I'll redo those so the pics appear!!!
  7. Yay thank you. If you have anymore of those beach shots on the left and right in HQ I'm pretty sure they would be new for most of us as I think they are only available in small size on most sites. Other Corbis pics which I and I expect most of us would already have in small and watermarked versions only include: the various pics fom these shoots....inparticular the VS catwalk on page 9 of the corbis search results and the signing with the Loreal desk which I didn't even know about.
  8. Yup, Adelaide posted all the pics from those two shoots in super duper high quality a couple of months ago on her site.
  9. Yup...she's been cropped, sharpened and warmed up a little
  10. Yup, they are all lovely...I'm trying hard to make up my mind which of Laetita's dresses looks the lovliest
  11. Right, that's it....pop down to a church of your choice Emilia, I'm going to marry you!!!! :hell yea!: Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
  12. They're rather nice Paul, thanks very much
  13. Hi Caroline Yup we are all in heaven thanks to the wonderful gifts of Emilia, Adelaide and Sabina
  14. Yaaay thank you Emilia....lovely pics!!! One of your uploads didn't work properly (the one inthe middle of the bottom row) and it's not appearing And thank you to Stella for the scans
  15. Cheers for the video Damien, more footage of that lovely blue dress
  16. Night night Emilia....sleep tight.
  17. Oh wooooooooooooow!!!!!! When we all go on the Bellazon group trip to see Le Grand Apartment at the cinema I will buy you an extra large box of popcorn!!!!!!
  18. But seriously....I'd absolutely love all pics of Laetitia in her lovely blue shoulderless dresses like And have always been fascinated by her sparkly outfits here but only have them in small watermarked
  19. Yay Thank God For Emilia!!!! A lovely Friday treat!!!
  20. Yay thank you Emilia!! Happy B-day Acme
  21. Laetitia looked lovely on that day with my twin Mr Ginola .....this one pic from that appearance was my wallpaper for about 6 months!!!! But I'm really disappointed that the photographer clipped the ends of her shoulders
  22. Come on Damien, it's not your personal video, is it?....share and share alike
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