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  1. Nina Agdal

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/18/picture2gf.png/ and pic ^ in a trip
  2. Nina Agdal

  3. Nina Agdal

    its confirmed, she will be in Sports Illustrated. Her bf posted a pic of the lizard on his fb
  4. Sports Illustrated Kru82 Model contest

    I know right? well I know they were flown out to hawaii and stayed at this super expensive hotel, so prob three was enough $$$
  5. The Colombian Girls

    stephanie marroquin newbie
  6. The Bikini Thread

    more stephanie marroquin she is in the sports illustrated kru82 vodka model contest http://www.si.com/KRU82Contest
  7. The Bikini Thread

    stephanie marroquin
  8. The Bikini Thread

    Stephanie Marroquin for the sports illustrated kru82 vodka model contest
  9. https://news.timeinc.net/si/kru82/ I like Stephanie M, very natural and exotic