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  1. {name}

    Blonde thewhitepepper model

    they do look alike but I think Karolina's jaw is too different to be this girl, but thanks anyway
  2. {name}

    Blonde thewhitepepper model

    I am looking at this girl and she looks super familiar but I can't place her name. Help? there's a few more pics on the website here
  3. {name}

    Who is this?

    http://media-cache-ec3.pinterest.com/upload/234327986832363177_e1QOPu9Z_c.jpg I'm not even sure if she's a model or something else, so if no one knows who she is, that's alright, but maybe someone recognises her, hopefully~ Thanks in advance!
  4. {name}

    Pepe something?

    http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m00hdlarzI1qhodd8o1_1280.jpg There's this guy here, I can only find his first name which is supposedly Pepe but I kinda need his last name as well. Help?
  5. {name}

    Anastasia Krivosheeva

    Thanks so much!
  6. I've spent about three and a half hours finding this girl's name.. she's from the Milan Fashion week 2012 for Moschino Cheap & Chic but I can't see her in the actual footage of the show.. Any ideas who she might be?
  7. {name}


    I'm half Spanish so I tan quite easily in the summer and never get a sunburn.. I have never ever been to a tanning bed or anything that's a fake tan. In the winter I'm usually ghostly pale and my mother often tries to convince me I need to get a tan, but I really don't like the idea. I'm slightly claustrophobic so that has to do with it..
  8. {name}

    Miss Selfridge model

    Anyone know who she is? She's on the front page of the Miss Selfridge website.. http://www.missselfridge.com
  9. {name}

    Hey everyone!

    I'm new here! Someone pointed me towards this forum because I wanted to identify a model, but it looks like I'll be around for more than that~!