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  1. Blake Lively

    I hadn't heard anything about the ending of the film being changed (I haven't read the book but from reading up on it I think I get the idea of how the book ends). But they must be filming for a reason as I thought they had completely wrapped filming in the summer, and it doesn't seem to be reshoots but completely new scenes.
  2. Blake Lively

    Great stuff. She sounds so different, much more fiesty. I like it. The pics look great especially the cover, and the pic with with powder on her hands. I love those. The bigger pics are here - The Hollywood Gossip
  3. Blake Lively

    She is not having an easy time of this now, but she will get over this eventually. I hope she has the last laugh. A tiny bit more about Savages - Hollywood Reporter That's the first I've read about it being an R rating.
  4. Blake Lively

    Thanks for the news on Savages and the GG clip. That's confident of Universal cause that's a tough week of Spiderman and Dark Knight. I loved watching Blake as Marilyn. It was fun.
  5. Blake Lively

    Agreed, from what I've read the role is going to Rooney Mara. It's not even that this role went to someone else which happens and there have been lots of roles Blake has been up for that has gone to another actress, but it is the way this happens that is cruel to her. Blake was signed on round about the time financing was agreed so I'm sure everyone must have been aware who Soderbergh chose as his lead actress so to then take it away from her weeks later like this. Not even fair to her. She should have been told there would be this much drama before putting her through this. I can't remember the last Soderbergh film I saw, so I guess that won't be changing with this either. I hope her day does come sooner rather than later as she has taken so much over these past few years. Savages would be a good place to start. Maybe there will also be another good project for her down the line.
  6. Blake Lively

    I like Catherine Zeta-Jones so that's good, but I'm reading some troubling things about the financing and casting of the film. Btw the finance is not as much as I thought it would be which is good as it won't need to be huge at the box office to break even or profit. It would suck and be unfair to Blake if this is taken from her. Its also not like she's the first up and comer that is ever cast to helm a Soderbergh film. Gina Carano, a martial artist with barely any experience got the lead in Haywire. And the funding for both films are in the same range. And you are right Amie, Blake went to the Haywire screening quite a while after the announcement of her casting and the funding of the film. That was enough time for any issues to surface and her to know if she was still in it. So this loss of funding weeks later from then doesn't make much sense.
  7. Blake Lively

    Thanks you for the new pics. I actually like the look, and I love that she dresses for practicality in winter - the tights, she loves them. She really doesn't go to too many events these days and in the past year I think, unless it's directly related to her. I can't remember the last time I saw her at a premeire that wasn't one of her films - (the last I remember was Sherlock Holmes 2009). Those pics of her as Marilyn are the only things that will make watch GG again, and even then I think I will just skip to her scenes. I'm kind of glad that Blake has been on the backburner on GG as she cannot be associated that much with the trainwreck that is the show now. The Blair fans wanted her front and center, well they got it and it is a mess. It is a testament to Blake that she keeps on shining and moving up levels professionally despite having some of the worst plots for the past fours years until this season, being sidelined for the drama of Blair and Leighton getting most of the deep and meaningful scenes. It hasn't stopped her and it has become obvious that no one in their right mind and those that count in the acting world take their cue from this show.
  8. Blake Lively

    lol of course Tarantino would like it, he marches to his own beat. I didn't mind the film, not the best comic film last year (that was X-men) but it was adequate. I would like Blake in one of his films, something different for her.
  9. Blake Lively

    I also saw the tramp article which annoyed me. I was also glad to read that the blogger got annoyed mails from people taking offence at what she said about Blake. I mean how can you call someone that on the basis that they "appear" to look a certain way with no facts whatsoever. That said I don't really care what they say because every day she keeps proving them wrong. It must get tiring for them to keep getting shown up by her. Everything that has been said about her and predicted, she has surpassed them. Everyone she work with loves her the latest being Chloe, those she meets are charmed by her, she works on good films with good directors and actors. Those that say whatever about her are looking increasingly stupid and bitter. I agree. I somehow don't think that Blake is stopping Leighton from getting any good roles. They are also visually different that they are probably not going from the same roles, so they need to look at why Leighton is not getting the roles. She is on a show that gets press, has a vera wang campaign, the girl has enough fame and talent to get in there, so either her agent is not just doing enough for her or the casting agents/directors are just not seeing anything in Leighton that they want. All in all this is nothing to do with Blake, other than jealousy about her. GG though needs to be over and then the Leighton fans can look for someone else to claim are "stealing" her spolight. Also Blake has gotten great reviews, been critically acclaimed for her performances in Pippa Lee, The Town - the San Diego film Critics nominated her for Best Supporting actress for this, Hick - great reviews for her personally despite the film, even Lantern got some critics defending her based on the lack of writing and her doing well with the role. And each subsequent good performance has only led to more roles. She's worked hard to get where she is. Lainey amuses me now, as I once thought she had inside sources, until this past year made me realise that she doesn't know anything, makes it up (she makes up so much about Blake) and generally full of bs. This is someone last march said that she was told by "sources" that Blake was not being offered any roles by directors as they thought she could not act. And then a week later she got the Hick role. Then Savages, got offered an Austen zombie film, and now potentially a lead in a Soderbergh. And that's not even counting all the bs info she came up with about Leo and Ryan, and going on about having sources on Zoe Kravitz and Fassbender still being together, while she was already onto Penn.
  10. Blake Lively

    Thanks for all the news everyone. It's always nice to come here and read the latest on Blake. I'm happy for her with regarding the film role and she keeps working with good directors. I like her career path and choice in roles. It's so sensible and it is obvious that she picks roles carefully and based on what she likes and is interested in rather for money or fame. So now after the supporting parts, comes her first lead role, and one actually that the film revolves around. It's not such an easy transition so I hope that this works for her, both performance and film wise. She deserves it. This girl has got it going on, and on so many levels, acting, film roles, fashion, friends etc. And she's full of surprises which is why so much of the media can't work her out. Btw, this has to be said but there is nothing, I repeat nothing that anyone can give her or help her with in terms of her career and ambition that she cannot do and attain for herself. Nothing. Everything she has accomplished so far has all been down to her and hard work on her part. As for GG, Blake as Marilyn is the only reason I might be tempted to giveit the time of day and see a scene again. The show is over as far as I'm concerned. Not quite sure where this Nina Dobrev comparison is coming from (is this like the new Leighton vs Blake?). I haven't actually read anything about this, but still it's very random and out of left field. Just because they are two female actresses doesn't mean everything has to be a competition. Though I can't say I've ever taken that much interest in Nina before, on the other hand Lea Michele, now her I find interesting off and onscreen.
  11. Blake Lively

    Thank you for the vid. I love it so much and Blake is so much fun to watch doing the Monroe impression and she is such a goof at the end. Not sure why the GG people pulled the clip, this is the most publicity and interested that the 100 episode has generated so far in the media (well, and me). The rest is tedious. That Serena/Blake would be engaged in some pathetic tug of war for Dan (or any man) is the most ridiculous and annoying part of this plot. The end with Blake and Chace was adorable and it shows that Blake is not afraid of making fun of herself or looking the fool (probably why the majority that she comes in contact/works with are enthralled with her), but also just how comforatble and friendly they are with each other, like that article about how where Blake and Chace were at some event, met up and started kidding around ending with Chace putting Blake in a headlock.
  12. Blake Lively

    Seriously at this point who cares about the particulars of Blake/Ryan, they are not hurting anyone or doing anything immoral, so what the hell is this all about. I don't freaking get it. Does it actually matter if this happened now or in a few months, they are still together. And would it be better for Blake to date some no name so some people can be happy that shockingly she is dating her co star. Yes Blake is the first actress to date her co-star. Jeez. It's pretty much obvious now that the majority - fashion and acting people, majority of the media, majority of the general public, don't care, so why should the opinion of some bloggers or some peeps carry anymore weight. Seriously nobody in the grand scheme of things cares. It's just two people dating, get the f over it. I don't think Blake can do no wrong, but really when it comes down to it, I don't actually see anything that she has done seriously wrong. What exactly? Not waiting before dating Ryan. Is that it? Because to me that is irrelevant. I thought taking pictures of herself like that was effing stupid on her part because of who she is and her status. And I don't really care that she did it, it's her personal life. But this, is inconsequential. Those people that go on about her can say whatever they want but it won't stop the obvious that she is loved by those she meets, becoming more famous, has important people in her corner, gives great performances that critics like and acclaim her for. As this summer has proven, it's a losing battle to try to tarnish her or make innuendos about her cause she gets up and rides it out. Which is probably what gets some like Lainey or Ted so annoyed.
  13. Blake Lively

    Blyan? I love BLYAN!!! Sounds perfect. From People online Ryan Reynolds Spends Birthday Weekend with Blake Lively http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20539369,00.html Christ look at the comments under the People website And thats actually moderated Im ticked cos this not only puts the kibosh on a BLEO reunion I was hoping for But Blake as a young actress and international covergirl not only needs men to want her but women to like her and is those comments on People are a tame barometer of what people think then shes in a heck of ish Women appear to be calling her sthg unpleasnt I dread the other untamed websites. And yes public opinion/ reputation does MATTER for an up and coming actress. We cant pretend otherwise Can anyone contact Leslie Whatserface!! Have you taken a poll of public opinion to get an assumption of her rep or just going by internet sites, because that is far from the public opinion. Quite frankly I don't care, they don't matter (those on websites with nothing better to do than talk trash about a young woman who has not done anything to anyone other than live her life), their opinions don't matter to their general public, film directors, casting agents, fashion people etc. The more hate she gets from those online the more famous and popular she gets. That really should tell you about the relevance of bloggers, websites etc in the grand scheme of things. If their opinions counted for anything it wouldn't be Blake out of the girls on GG that has broken out acting and career wise. IMO all of this is because to some she is being viewed as playing and mixing with people, stars out of her league. That she is just an up and coming actress that has no business getting the attention of actors the calibre of Leo and Ryan, and if she is doing so it must be beacuse she's angling for something. Never mind that her career is still on the same path that it was before Leo and Ryan came into her life, and it will continue to do so after they exit. She hasn't done anything out of the ordinary that is so wrong, not even in terms of the normal public, never mind by Hollywood standards. She will live her life, make more films, be more accomplished and she will either continue to get unwarranted hate or be acknowledged for what she has achieved.
  14. Blake Lively

    I'm also looking forward to hopefully some news for Blake. GG schedule makes it hard and limits her choices and filming locations, but I do hope there some film and a director that can make allowances for her schedule like Oliver Stone did. The only thing that will probably put the personal life rumours to one side is some professional news be it films or fashion. Lol Lainey is a joke as evidenced by that theory, cause really who does that, Ryan over Leo? Yeah right. She should just admit that she got pretty much everything wrong and move on. If Blake's master plan is getting roles and being good enough acting wise that she gets repeated praise from critics for her performances (Pippa Lee, The Town, Hick), thereby being considered for more and more films then yeah Blake does have a master plan that is currently in operation. Not to mention her Chanel campaign and numerous fashion covers. All of this she has accomplished for herself without having to be helped by anyone or anything. The girl has no need for any other actor or relationship to help her ambition wise. It is obvious by now that where Blake is concerned Lainey knows nothing and quite frankly I'm wondering if she doesn't make some of this up by now. Back in February this year she wrote that her "sources" told her that amongst directors, casting agents etc that Blake was being overlooked and not considered for roles due to her acting, and this was posted after Blake's role in Hick was announed and a week later the girl scored the Savages role. I laughed. Blake Lively - showing up stupid, bitter bloggers since 2010 (probably earlier), and I hope she continues.
  15. Blake Lively

    If nothing else all of this has made me realise that Lainey is an idiot who has no credibility when it comes to inside info, she knows nothing and has been shown up. It's true, she just has not been able to get a handle on Blake and what she's like because her assumptions about the girl have been way off. Maybe if she knew Blake and not what she made up about her she would have realised that there was no way it was credible that Blake would be pressuring Leo to take her on the red carpet. And Lainey also came up with BS when she also said that Ryan was never into Blake. Lainey should just admit that she doesn't know anything about Blake and is pretty much assuming like the rest of the public. I don't get why Leo fans are pissed, isn't he running around with numerous models, and has been for some time now. Maybe they just wanted it to come across as Blake being dumped and moping around. I don't get that and I like Leo, but I'm just not surprised anymore about his choices with women. It's just a double standard thing going on now with Blake and makes me not give a damn or have a need to villify her whatever she does personally. She's not actually doing anything wrong. As long as Blake is working and making movies it doesn't really matter in the long run. The rumours are now because there is a lull with her, not filming or showcasing anything and this is all the media have to go on. And really it is her personal life that she is not commenting on and doesn't want to parade in public and they are a both single. It's just us and the media who have this unhealthy need to know about this stars lives that it matters to. Quite frankly I don't care. I also think because the media so cannot get a handle on Blake and she tends to switch it up in pretty much every aspect of her life - career, fashion, personal they focus on her more and she fascinates them. You expect her to go one way, but she goes the other. It fascinates some and infuriates others.