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  1. God her hair is great, she looks so pretty!! Thanks Lullaby & Barby
  2. wanderlust


    You can see a video of Gisele talking about the new VS bra here, http://www2.victoriassecret.com/collection...r=OSBRPBBVBRA##
  3. She looks so pretty, thanks for posting
  4. ^^ not surprising. A lot of women don't shave/wax their thighs, especially when hair is that light
  5. does anyone know where I can find photos from Gisele's dream angels perfume campaign? You know the one with the wings and the horse, etc? Thanks in advance
  6. wanderlust


    does anyone know where I can find more gifs of Gisele? Or avatars at least?
  7. Welcome to the Natalie Portman thread-enjoy Natalie Portman was born on June 9, 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel as the only child of a Doctor (father) and an artist (mother, who also acts as Natalie's agent). Natalie's family left Israel for Washington when she was three years old and eventualy settled in New York. Natalie graduated from high school with honors, and her academic achievements allowed her to attend Harvard. She was discovered by a Revlon agent in a Long Island pizza parlor at the age of 11, has been a strict vegetarian since she was 8 Received a Psychology degree from Harvard in June of 2003.
  8. I like the name, the only other name I can think of is ModelX
  9. same name as ChilaX thank you for creating a new home for us.
  10. Let's get this topic rolling This post by zoltar-don't know why it says wanderlust
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