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  1. Noah Mills

    http://youtu.be/q4Mv8NuMVog I found this video of him in the fashion show in Paris on tumblr, it will be deleted soon though. I'll try to download it and have it saved but I can't promise anything! enjoy! and here is the full men's show
  2. Noah Mills

    seriously how cute is this?! Via Noah's Instagram
  3. Noah Mills

    Via Noah's instagram (:
  4. Noah Mills

    Via Noah's Instagram
  5. Noah Mills

    oh come on people!! This is stupid, no offense. And anyway, his sexuality is his business. We love him for who he is. But claiming that a person got as far as he did because he slept with producers and designers is absurd. I mean, look at that man! Does he look like he needs to do that to get jobs?! Seriously this is kind of offending in my opinion
  6. Noah Mills

    From Noah's twitter
  7. Noah Mills

    from Noah's twitter. He posted it the 7th of January from the Lakers day along with another picture of the stadium but then I think people started asking about the girls so he removed it. That's his reply: the picture was the previous tweet of that one (: I don't think someone else posted it here
  8. Noah Mills

    Is this Noah at the new Calzedonia catalog?
  9. Noah Mills

    From Noah's Twitter!
  10. Noah Mills

    well I did my best, but I hope someone can find them in better quality
  11. Noah Mills

    I found the pictures but they are not exactly high quality and they have the wire image tag all over, but here they are: