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    i knowwww...shes really beautiful
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    i found ittt! its a picture of when she was younger, and a pic of her 3 months ago. theres more in her website (biography) section. www.claudialynx.com
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    whatever her eye colours are, i think shes one of the most beautiful woman ever. i know many ppl that wear cotacts that are still ugly :yuckky: (thats sounds mean i know) but its true! But even if Shaghayegh (Claudia Lynx's) eyes were red she'd still be gorgeous, Shes got the whole package go to this site, its got pics of her when she was a kid! www.claudialynxfan.com (in the gallery and the forum section) VANESSA
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    Hi everyone! speaking of Claudia Lynx (Shaghayegh) im a huge fan of hers as well, and i wanted to let you know of a reaaaaaly nice NEW fan site of hers. theres amazinggg wallpapers and really nice avatars (thats where i got my avatar ). and brand new pics. Defintely come and join theire forum, they're amazing there !!! You have to check it out! http://www.claudialynxfan.com/ Vanessa