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  1. Can anyone explain something about these last pictures? Because I've heard about Claudia's voice being dubbed, but not Claudia dubbing someone... Why (or for which movie) was she recording that day? By the way, thanks everyone for the photos you post; they're really great. I'll post some of mine later!
  2. Claudia's my favorite girl from the 60s... Maybe even from all time! I love her legs, her eyes, her smile, her everything... I should post here more.
  3. I have nothing specific in mind right now, but I'll let you know as soon as I find a good thing. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have any gifs of her? Or know where I can find some?
  5. Hey, I've got a blog on Claudia... She really is the cutest thing ever. I took several pics from here, so here's my contribution:
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