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    Use the Print Screen key on your keyboard, it takes a picture of whatever is on your desktop, then save as .jpg. Yeah.......the time it takes to stitch one image together makes this method almost useless. Someone knows how to do this by straight capture. Thats what I would like to know how to do. Thanks anyway. you mean the otto.de site? there is no problem. For exemple that picture: http://www.otto.de/Strandkleid-Buffalo-Lon...romSearch=false Look for the zoom-image name in the source code: zoomimages[0] = "ovlas12336_789104a527411.jpg"; and then place it into the following URL: http://otto.zoomoviewer.com/servlet/GetIma...;zoomFactor=600 Where do you get the "zoom-image" name in the source code/ Is it in temp internet files?. Sorry I am new to this