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  1. This is the only great thing for her though IMO. her face look good, sometimes with good lighting and Photo shop, but I do not like here candids (her nose, her cheekbones, her smile , her eyes ... ... there is nothing to attract me)
  2. Niki Taylor is a host, which is very informative and moving her show in a fast-paced, from week to week. Now we are tightening in the past. The last three players, Jillian, Christian and Lamy. A screw put into the performances Lamy and Chris have a completely separate competition to see which one will be in the top three.
  3. Natasha Gilbert Blade Run Power Boat race from London to Amsterdam gets launched from the Conservatory at Ebankment.
  4. Brandi will always be my girl, because she broke ground, the first black girl with the Chanel contract, there is a hell. Naomi hadnt even actually have a lot of things, she, it's a problem find it .. I found some of the livehournal
  5. Yes! So many gems! I am pleased that under the nominal model to get some love. Just to prove all of your scan how gorgeous she is, I think her career is no longer. In all her pictures, she seems so much like the 1940s era model (Lisa Forgivenesses, for example). Perhaps this is why she did not last, she did not impatient enough. But I think it should always be a place of fashion, ballet dancer-type model.
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