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  1. Michea Crawford

    Michea is all over this website!! http://www.lapiubella.com.au/
  2. Michea Crawford

    Here is Michea on a Revlon Root Erase Box. Just out on the shelves!! http://www.drugstore.com/revlon-root-erase-by-colorsilk-ammonia-free-permanent-color-medium-golden-brown-43/qxp387685 Jeffrey...
  3. Michea Crawford

    That didn't work so here is the youtube version. IF someone else has VimeoPlus set it up on here. IF not then Youtuvbe will have to do. Although, you can search vimeo by typing in Lady Dutch.
  4. Michea Crawford

    Here is a Vimeo Video of Michea's new shoot for a Clothing Line sold in Canada at The Hudson Bay Company called Lady Dutch....
  5. Michea Crawford

    Hey there everyone. Look out for this add. This is one of hte latest Campaigns with Michea at the Forefront. Cheers!!! Jeffrey...
  6. Michea Crawford

    Howdy everyone. I just found out Michea did a shoot for Yamamay in Spain. She is on their website check it out!! http://www.yamamay.com/en/collezioni-moda/...collection-2012 She is all over the city buses over there so if anyone is in Spain take some photos and post them. Cheers!!! J...
  7. Michea Crawford

    Nice Find Danni!!! J...
  8. I AM the Biggest fan revival

    Adele 5 Amber Heard 3 Ashley Graham 3 Emma Watson 3 Ksenia Kahnovich 4
  9. Michea Crawford

    Hey there Everyone! Just got two copies of ZOO MAGAZINE #33. Beautiful pics of my Cuz in there!! Buy it now!! I know others are getting them sent to you. Pics are definitely worth posting as the ones available on the website are much smaller!! Cheers!! Jeffrey...
  10. I AM the Biggest fan revival

    Rosie HW 5 Shannan Click 3 Simone Villas Boas 3 Tori Praver 3 Yamila Diaz 5
  11. I AM the Biggest fan revival

    Naomi Campbell 5 Nicole Trunfio 5 Robyn Lawley 2 Salma Hayek 5 Valerie Van Der Graaf 4
  12. Michea Crawford

    @Jef Nice grab getting the video off of the Citizen site!! Definitely better than having to watch commercials!! @Pretty Nice photo montage. Michea standing beside Michea is her photo shoot with Roots Canada from a few years ago. This was really her first big shoot! She was on a huge billboard on the outside wall of the Eaton's Center in Toronto during that campaign. Great interview indeed!!! J...
  13. Michea Crawford

    There is real video in the interview as well. It is the story of how Michea got started and where she is moving along currently!! You are all going to love this Big Time!!! Yo
  14. Michea Crawford

    Happy New Year Everyone. Michea was featured in one of our local newspapers here in the Nation's Capital Region. Here is the link ... enjoy ... http://www.ottawacitizen.com/Chelsea+beaut...6656/story.html It includes a video collage of photos taken by the interviewer with an audio interview in the background. Pretty awesome. My Cousin Rocks!! Love her!!! Dr...