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  1. Leo is such a womanizer! (Let's just say VS-izer) He's creepy and i am confused that Erin could think of hanging out with him...he may harm Erin's reputation...i mean c'mon she was so flawless to me until now! Leo has just broke up with Blake and it seems like Erin is just a girl for chasing through the phase!! She deserves better than this...
  2. From her Twitter @erinheatherton : "On the way to SNL! LOVE my Matty!!!! "
  3. A Year in the Life of a Victoria's Secret Angel: Erin Heatherton
  4. About time too! What took you so long She is a sweetheart I don't know, I always though she was cute, I really don't like VS models except for Doutzen, Lais, Rosie and Erin and maybe Chanel I don't know if I like her yet she is still growing on me I am referring to Chanel. I am not into Blondes but Erin and Doutzen are special. Is rare for me to like Blondes, and If I like someone blonde they should feel special. that's good =) i mean we're not here to discuss which models are better or not. i like blondes so that's pretty much explain it i dont love chanel but i respect her.. anyway i am so excited to see this year's VSFS !! can't wait to see models outfit
  5. About time too! What took you so long She is a sweetheart
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