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  1. wakaakaw

    Madalinea Ghenea & Catalina Otalvaro

    the first one is madalinea ghenea, a romanian model, and the second is catalina otalvaro, a colombian model.
  2. wakaakaw

    Nordstorm March 2013 Model

    She's in the new nordstorm catalog 'life meet style' catalog and online. Anyone have an idea who she is?
  3. wakaakaw

    Xenia Tchoumitcheva

    theres a girl on facebook under the name 'svetlana tcho' who says she is going to be a student at an acting program at carnegie mellon. all her pics are Xenia's. http://www.facebook.com/people/Svetlana-Tcho/100002371583287 . is this just a fake? all the students are adding her. isn't Xenia supposed to be in london?