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  1. Tamara Ecclestone

    Thank you guys for the amazing pictures :-) I'm so happy!! For a while, I almost stopped visiting this thread since there was never any new pictures...
  2. Tamara Ecclestone

    I miss Tamara!!
  3. Petra Ecclestone

    Where is she hiding?
  4. Tamara Ecclestone

    I love love her hervé dress and her louboutins shoes. She seems to have lots of them;)
  5. Petra Ecclestone

    Btw, does she smoke? I saw her holding a pack of marlboro cigarettes in post #7.
  6. Tamara Ecclestone

    Nice pictures :-) Tamara is stunning as always! I really like the pictures when she is wearing the grey top over her leopard bikini.
  7. Petra Ecclestone

    Yes, she is really gorgeous! Ha Ha, I noticed that too.
  8. Petra Ecclestone

    OMG! I didn't know that there was a petra thread, just tamara! Thank you for the pictures! She is really beautiful, both of them! Are there any pictures of her wedding?
  9. Tamara Ecclestone

    OMG!! Lots of pictures!! Thank you!! They look fantastic as always:)
  10. Tamara Ecclestone

    Okey! Are there more pictures from the wedding?
  11. Tamara Ecclestone

    Thank you for the pictures. They look AMAZING, beautiful dresses! What are they doing in Italy?
  12. Tamara Ecclestone

    More pictures Please!!
  13. Tamara Ecclestone

    Yes, she really is!! I don't think there is a Petra tread. Btw, Petra is getting married, congrats;) http://www.mogulite.com/petra-ecclestone-wedding/
  14. Tamara Ecclestone

    I love her Herve Leger dress and her Louboutin's are to die for!!!
  15. Tamara Ecclestone

    Thank you egluze for posting these beautiful pictures!! She is really gorgeous!!!