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  1. She was definitely my favorite last night at the 2006 VS Fashion show!
  2. Paulo

    Kate Winslet

    She has nude scenes in most of her movies. I wanna have British sex with her
  3. Paulo


    I don't think pics do her justice because I remember seeing her perform on tv, and she looked even better! And cool, she has cute feet too!!
  4. Paulo

    Lindsay Lohan

    She looks bad as a stick. She's more of a babe when she's got curves. I've also been noticing that pudgy girls are 'in' this year. For real !
  5. Paulo

    Vanessa Marcil

    I wonder why they air-brushed her tattoo out on the Maxim pics ..... ?
  6. I actually like her tattoo
  7. Paulo

    Vanessa Marcil

    Oh yeaah! Portuguese represent !!
  8. Paulo

    Kelly Ripa

    Someone post those red bikini pics from a few weeks ago when she was on vacation in South Beach with her husband. She's way hot!
  9. Paulo

    Katie Holmes

    Actually.. i spoke too soon. She's dating Tom Cruise... WTF !!!!???? http://insider.tv.yahoo.com/news/2005/04/27/cruiseholmes/
  10. Paulo

    Katie Holmes

    I hear she's single again!
  11. Paulo

    Lindsay Lohan

    Post a pic of her mom !
  12. Paulo

    Elisha Cuthbert

    These are awesome! She needs a tan though.
  13. I saw her taking Elizabeth Hasstlebeck's place on The View last week and she seems older and her face looks thinner. Made her teeth stick out more. Still hot tho. I feel bad.. she sounded dumb. She wasn't even sure what religion she was haha!
  14. ^ Oops, that was me. Forgot to log in.
  15. Paulo

    Nicole Eggert

    She aged nicely which is hot !
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