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  1. Please keep posting more pictures of Marina! Even if it's once in a while!
  2. AAAAHHH!!!! Her new polaroids!! She looks beautiful and she went dark hair just like how I wished lol!! models.com
  3. AAAH!! She looks amazing ⇈⇈
  4. I can't believe she has a son! Omgsh that must be good baby because she doesn't have dark circles under her eyes, and always looks fresh lol
  5. Finally we see her getting more attention
  6. I knnoow, I read that too! Lol I was like :shock: lol That's nice though. Well I wonder if she's with someone to want kids soon. Then again now you don't literally need a partner. Aaaw she'll make adorable babies
  7. I knnoow, but Adriana is not really high fashion, well in my eyes, but the thing is that like Marina Perez, Mariacarla Boscono, and other top models aren't doing that much runway. This sucks <_< But yes, the good thing is that she looks amazingly young
  8. WWooooww :shock: Funny, as I was scrolling down the page I was wondering about her age, I figured she was in her twenties, but unsure because she looks young. Omgsh great, now that I finally found my next favorite model (aside from Marina Perez) she had to be twenty seven, like Marina actually. What if she doesn't get to work that long because of her age?
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