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  1. Michelle Casis

    Wayra 2012
  2. Michelle Casis

    Maria Jose Rubio's Collection 2012
  3. Michelle Casis

    Edward Alba Photographer
  4. Michelle Casis

    Ianka Novias Magazine Carolina Cubas & Michelle Casis
  5. Michelle Casis

    Riccadonna Ads Michelle Casis, Franco Noriega and Ananda Friese
  6. Carolina Cubas

    Ianka Novias Magazine Carolina Cubas & Michelle Cassis
  7. Carolina Cubas

    J Magazine August
  8. Michelle Casis

    MariaJose Rubio Collection 2011
  9. Michelle Casis

    backstage franco noriega http://www.asiasur.com/videos/index2.php?#video
  10. Carolina Cubas

    ad u, what are those pictures for?
  11. Michelle Casis

    Franco Noriega Ad
  12. Michelle Casis

    Michelle and Alli Lanier source: facebook
  13. Carolina Cubas