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  1. Dear Stephanie's fans (especially Brazilianaffair), This is my last post on Bellazon! For few hours I'm going to beautiful beaches and sea When I come back I'll be very busy, so I won't be visiting much! I hope I surprised you with my photos of beautiful Steph Here's my last post with amazing rare swimmsuit editorial (not very big)! Have a nice life ! xoxo
  2. source: stephanie-seymour.de/forum
  3. Thank you!! ps: I'll be more careful next time! Here's a really looong post of many random Stephanie's pictures I hope there's no too much open nudity I guess most of these are already seen. + 3 videos: Atelier Versace 1992/ '93 Gianni Versace Spring/ Summer 1992 Stephanie Seymour & Rachael Hunter
  4. Brazilianaffair, do you happen to have this bigger?
  5. Body Heat US GQ January 1989 Photographed by Herb Ritts (not the best quality)
  6. no, dear RenchiR well, only a few pics out of both editorials, but i didn't have the whole thing in both cases! never saw the second one in this great quality, and many of the pics of the first one i never saw before, and are gorgeous! thank you soooooo much!!! You're very welcome, my dear! Here some oldies, just for you
  7. I think you posted this before, brazilianaffair, am I right? The avenging spirit British Vogue August 1990 Photographed by Herb Ritts
  8. I'm sure this was posted before, but very good editorials! It's a little big post, sorry
  9. More 80's! (Sorry if repost; couldn't find better quality)
  10. With Casablancas and some others
  11. Thanks for the photo Brazilianaffair! I just never liked Sheen Although, It was a little funny, his incidents: waving the machete on the roof Here are some photos of her early modelling, I'm not sure if they were posted before (80's stuff):
  12. Some magazine articles/covers, probably posted before
  13. Pomellato Year: 1991 Model: Stephanie Seymour Ph: Herb Ritts
  14. Stephanie Coca Cola Commercial, 1995
  15. that's ok...i guess it's still a slightly better quality than the one i had....thank you that's the Linda editorial i was talking about, she looks incredible in every single picture of it! wish they did it together, since they're dressed pretty alike in the two editorials... Yeah, I wish they had more photos together, or all supermodels like that one from 1989 I love Ellen von Unwerth's Guess editorials! yeah, i love all supers, i look for and share pics of them all, but Steph & Linda are my two VERY favorite of the group, really cannot say who's at number one and who's at number two, and with those two editorial done in a very similar style, by the same photographer and that came out pretty much in the same time i see it as a missed occasion to see my two favs together LOL, but of well, i can use my fantasy & make believe hehehe It would be really amazing if they did it together! I can see you cover all of them, makes me wonder, are you in fashion industry? My number one is definitely Steph (especially in 1989 & 1992), but I also love Linda (especially with shorter red hair ), Karen and Elaine On the other side, I don't really like Cindy since she made out with Jon Bon Jovi in his video haha PS: I've been wanting to ask you something, since you know so much about Stephanie, I read somewhere she was a drug addict? and she cheated on Axl with Charlie Sheen? If I cheated on Axl, it would definitely be with Slash hahaha No, i'm not in fashion industry, i just love 80's/90's models, and take the time to look for their pics! what i love about them i that, despite being all so different from each other, no one with some common sense can deny they were all incredibly stunning, and they rose to fame almost simultaniously and it's quite amazing... i've heard both rumors of Steph dating Charlie :yuckky: and her addiction (and i admit i wuldn't be too surprised about the latter, since it fights your hunger, quite helpful for a professional model) but she wouldn't be the only one in the industry doing that... PS: come on, don't hate on Cindy only for that, it was just a music video! her husband is not bad looking at all, so i'm sure she was just fine that way! It's quite amazing really, all of them have different beauty: Helena, Linda, Christy... and they all rised at the same time, like you said... I believe she had some drug problems, after all, she was dating Axl and being a model! But, what about Charlie? haha I don't have an explanation for that And what's with Stephanie being attracted to older men? Peter, John... Nah, I don't hate her, I'm just jealous <_< PS: Sorry for my english, may have some mistakes
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