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  1. I think he's so cute
  2. Whew! That was close. It should be Marlon that rumor is about. Chico couldn't be gay if he tried. He's just too boyish to be so. Besides, even if he was, I can't think of any agent who would allow him to come out when he is THE male model of the moment. Le sigh. Are people still this ignorant? Not all homosexual/bisexual men are effeminate. I really couldn't care less whether or not Francisco is gay, straight, bisexual, whatever (not throwing shade at those who do -- speculating about a singer/actor/model's sexuality is inevitable) ... but statements like this only help perpetuate the gay stereotype. It's time to quit it with the straight = masculine ("boyish," in this case) and gay = effeminate nonsense. I agree all the way and I don't understand why people care so much. If he is then he is, if not then ok. It's his business but the whole too boyish comment is so ignorant that I had to laugh. 2012 and people are still saying things like this, really?
  3. WOOOW he is extremely hot, look at that butt. Whoa
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