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  1. Only 3 days for Tori & Danny's wedding!!! ♥♥♥
  2. ^thanks for the pics, but they all are repost...
  3. A great new Interview with Esti, enjoy (enter the purple link) http://txtup.co/YLVOU
  4. ^ happy you still visit here sometimes, hope u follow my page too. ... BTW! Tori is getting married on October 5, so happy for her!!!! have a nice week Tori Lovers dont forget my lovely gorgous amazing page https://www.facebook.com/ToriPraverFans
  5. some pretty pictures from Daniela's instgram http://web.stagram.com/n/dannifreitass_
  6. Esti at the first episode of "The next big star": http://www.mako.co.il/mako-vod-keshet/the-next-star-s1/VOD-278dffb633c2141006.htm?Partner=rss
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