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  1. Hey guys, does anybody know where can I find these 3 pics in a bigger version? Its from Nordstrom catalogue jan 2012
  2. Some new amazing shots from TPS 2014 on my fab page https://www.facebook.com/ToriPraverFans
  3. ^ u wellcome Jazzy nice to see some comments...
  4. ^ thank u so much for sharing, where did u find those?
  5. Lundin But note : Esti Ginzburg speeding Remember Esti Ginzburg 's license was revoked and she was helped by private chauffeur ? So we were happy to see that she was again sitting in the driver seat and even a luxury car resumed . So no nonsense this time , yeah ? Esti Ginzburg 's sexy sidekick Assi Ezer Next Star " , speeding back into our lives at full power . The Ginzburg caught during her workday preparing for shooting program, including handling ten thousand ( not necessary at all. Esty , the destructive ) in its regular beautician , Juliet. Armed with loudspeakers , short jeans and sexy, long black shirt and a chic Chanel handbag chic chic , gave her a speeding toward her Jeep Estee After what nature strengthened and fine gardens , and reminded us of forgotten . Those who are not proficient in the details archived lady Recall that two years ago Ginsburg 's license revoked after being caught driving under the influence and without a valid license , and for a private driver helped her . So we waited patiently , and six months ago she returned license but never caught driving. So after the break forced back to the driver's seat Estee hope that this time everything goes well and legally . And though our hearts we love the image of Gainsbourg 's Outlaw , and our mind are we running from the law , and the authorities who tested dozens Hwanbiz Next Globe " .
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