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  1. AT MAGAZINE BY RON KEDMI ׂ(not new)
  2. Diva 2006 - by Ron Kedmi (some were new to me)
  3. more fromLaisha magazine, by Dvir Kahlon stylist – Reuven Cohen Makeup- Asaf Babo hair- Liraz Agam
  4. OMG thank u so much for the cover!^ I will buy the magazine and bring all the photos in HQ vartion haha After lowered the tempo professional and devoted herself in recent months to its new status as a married woman, Esti Ginzburg returns to the routine of work. Spy photographs of the gate, "woman", she met with a professional team her regular stylist Reuven Cohen, stylist Eliraz Lake, makeup artist collected Bo and photographer Dvir Kahlon, at the new boutique Eden House, established alleys Yemenite Tel Aviv, and devoted herself concept inspired by singer Lana Del Ray. Ginsburg serves as a spokesman for Miller's Jewelry of April chain and a lingerie network Go Under - and proud of it demonstrates stability in cooperation with them to commercial companies for several seasons. As we demonstrated almost a decade , Ginsburg admits that today is already transmitting more mature and maturity campaigns which it leads. She next March will mark the 23rd birthday after all, and since the wedding with her husband Adi Keizman past six months. Much was quick engagement Of the two and the age difference between them, but Ginsburg seems complete and happy, with the commitment it undertakes. Meanwhile she is dealing with quite a few rumors that she is pregnant, rumors amuse her especially when waving her alleged evidence even from doctors. "I guess the rumors will continue until you really get pregnant." Until then, she talks about her new priorities in life, which led her to settle down and how she feels since the wedding.
  5. found some that wasnt repost
  6. ORY swimwear in a better quality
  7. ^ love your new sig! so cute
  8. Elle by Kayt Jones, some where new to me sorry if repost
  9. ^ you wellcome babe happy that you follow this thread and love that last pic from elle^!
  10. u wellcome guys , good morning sweetandlow, happy to see that you r still here! hope u visit my page also facebook.com/ToriPraverFans another great photo with her little baby girl
  11. Well, since no one is updating this page but me .....
  12. Esti in an Israeli talkshow "Laughter from work"
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