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    To the people saying the pictures are photoshopped and then pointing out the birthmark... tell me why someone would go to all the trouble of shopping her face on, and then overlook something like a birthmark on her chest? It would be much easier to remove the birthmark than to put her face on someone else's body. And it's extremely difficult work to put someone's face on someone else's body and have it look believable, dunno if you've ever tried it. Though I'm not saying it's impossible. Just comparing her body to photos of her in bathing suits and the way she stands and stuff... I believe the pictures are of her, but don't necessarily think less of her for it. Why shouldn't she be allowed to photograph herself? Aside from the obvious risks that are there when you're famous. If they were stolen and released against her will, I definitely feel bad for the girl. But if SHE released them, well... that's interesting. And if they're NOT of her, I think her reaction is kind of an overreaction. Who would go to so much trouble over a couple of fake pictures? Still think she's gorgeous though.
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