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    I like philosophy//coffee// music* [rock, indie, pop]// read// S.I.// models//fashion//photography//art//TV//chat//blogger//sports*// my dog*(its name is Duda) //read manga//anime(i'm not a otaku)//cartoons//yeah yeah yeahs*(my favorite band)// chocolate//-........ and more :P [sorry for my bad english :( ]
  1. Hey girls do you know who is the boy who is a front of Sebastian Sauve?, hE IS so cute and my friend is in love of him, she really wants to know his name. Do you know what this model name is? please answer me Sorry for my bad english ---http://thefashionisto.com/jean-luc%E2%80%99s-casting-call-diaries-paris-fashion-week-day-2/olympus-digital-camera-115/
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