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    Flat & Beautiful

    I have always preached and advocated, that a female does not need to have big full boobs hanging off of her to be beautiful or sexy. I happen to think that a naturally under developed thinner female is who does not starve herself to be skinny, is very desirable and appealing to look at. I love the waif look, or the pixie body appearance. I will tell any woman who is small chested she is beautiful just the way she is...
  2. This is the problem with this kid. She changes her post photos so often that there is never much consistency. I think she/he is scamming the readers of the facebook page. Also "JANE" claims to be gay and into gay males. She will only date older gay males as well. No one her own age or close to it! Seems a little suspicious. Well, I have no issues with the gay community whatsoever...because I am also. But, and this is the larger question I put to her, and she couldn't answer it; Since when do gay men want a partner who appears as, dresses as, and has a pseudonym name that is a female? Gay men, want other gay men! Not a 16 year old male who is cross dressing and calling his/herself "Little Miss Supermodel" on facebook. I thought; "IF" this kid was for real, and he/she looks as feminine as the photos show without any type of hormonal intervention, ( as she claims) then she certainly should have a shot at being a model...because of the uniqueness of her physique and facial appearance. After all, not many 16 year old males can claim to look like she does. There has been and probably still is ADULT "trans-sexual, transgender male to female models" working around the world in the couture business. But I highly doubt that Victoria Secret / Pink would hire a minor aged male to model lingerie along side of the other girls regardless of how feminine he may be. The bad publicity and legal ramifications would be to great a risk. Jane claims to have modeled for Abercrombe & Finch recently. I can find no examples of her anywhere on that web site.
  3. Look at these photo's carefully, and see if you decide they are all they same person. This is a 16 year old male? At least that is what he/she claims to be. I have some doubts...they appear similar, but are they really all her? Jane claims she has done work for major catalogs and billboard advertising in Florida. All as a female... Jane claims to be all natural, with no hormone HRT being used. I find this hard to believe. Look at her hands...and lips. Those are not the hands and mouth of a 16 year old male...or are they? She is on facebook as Jane Francis Heatherton/ Jane F. Heatherton...which is not her real name.