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  1. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. hey, hope all is well... i took almost a month off of bz and now that im back i realize youre not around. sorry i never responded to your pm, but i had a guy harrassing me who said he would change names to mess with me so i was a bit hesitant to talk....anyways, hope things are well, and u come back to bz

  3. VS pix identified on bwgreyscale.com as Sharon With Eugenia Silva With Eva Herzigova & Eugenia Silva
  4. Model has been identified on bwgreyscale.com as Sharon Ganish from Isreal
  5. A huge thank you for the input from Korravai bwgreyscale identified this model in just a few minutes Her name is Sharon Ganish from Israel Thanks to everyone
  6. If you open one of the pix and try SAVE AS ... you will find they are from the VS web site. When I tried to start this topic a couple of days ago with VS in the title, the moderator immediately moved them to the VS ID section. There they sat. If the model is not real popular or one of the new models, the VS ID section does not seem to get any results. I am trying to learn what works, and what does not work, to keep the mods from movimg these really old VS pix to the VS ID section. There are more to come. Thanks for your input. I will figure out how to use bwgreyscale.com.
  7. The second pic in the first post is one of two on the VS web site Here are both pix with the VS number as the pic name Really pretty
  8. With the help of tinkerbelle and meduse in the model ID section, here are some VS site pix from the 2002 era The following pic was posted by Capt_Bob at tfs
  9. Thanks to Capt_Bob at tfs for the following pic Sure looks like Camilla Thorsson is correct Thanks to tinkerbell and mduse for getting me started on the right track.
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