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  1. Part of article which mentions the giant box turtle - also , the writer was thorough; she/he contacted the webmistress, Marcie, of one of the longest running DiCaprio fansites, Simply Leonardo DiCaprio, for comments.
  2. correction: this is a public forum to supposedly "talk" about a specific topic. Being a public forum doesn't give a few posters the right to HIGHJACK the board and blabber on about nothing pertaining to the topic. No, I will NOT choose to ignore just as much as I shouldn't have to go through post after post to find which ones are off-topic and which aren't. So, if some of you believe it's perfectly alright to make this board into a personal forum, I've got the same right to say to all that: stfu.
  3. I will ask my close friends and family to pray to God that the Great Gatsby shoot will finish soon unless He is too busy answering the prayers of the entitlement-seeking wife of the football player.
  4. great photos of DiCaprio and Streep - thanks oxford. I really like the photos of the ones where Streep is looking right at him eye to eye and the other one where DiCaprio is looking right into her eyes. She once made a remark that she hoped he survives Hollywood (as a young actor with so much attention focused on him and vast temptations) and I believe she can see that he certainly has. Thanks NANDA for the sighting DiCaprio, Bloom, Kerr. This one reports the sighting as well
  5. Audriana and oxford - very much appreciate your efforts in posting photos from the event - DiCaprio, Dylan, Scorsese, all men I truly admire, and to top it off, they were joined by the wife of my favorite Beatle - cannot get any better than that.
  6. He wouldn't be as he took a huge cut in pay for J Edgar. More important is the highest grossing actor - I think he made the top of that one for Inception in 2010,
  7. http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archi...reat-gatsby.htm
  8. oxford - a great review from the NY Times - I think we will see smiles on the faces of the execs at Warner Bros, not to mention Eastwood/DiCaprio.
  9. Enjoying all the photos, news, and reviews - thanks Oxford and Solange.
  10. the video interview clip is much appreciated (fashiondream) - looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Mr.D is looking mighty fine.
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