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  1. from Rome, but her father was calabrese..

  2. grazie Francy!

    you know that my mom is Italian, so we're both franco-italian lol cool..

  3. Thanks sweetie, have a gorgeous christmas!!

    and btw, I forgot how we say it in Italian?

  4. the VSFS?? I haven't downloaded it yet, since Im a little disapointed... Bianca wasn't there :(

    (off kissing and hugging my new computer...)

  5. Thanks the joker :D

    Yes i'm legal now and I finaaaaly have a new computer!!!!!!

  6. lol yeah I miss ya!!

    I should get a new computer soon :fiesta:

  7. Hello :) How are you??

    (did you change your nickname recently?)

  8. because I like Irish pubs lol I don't know, I just love Ireland, It's my favorite country :D

  9. Haaappyy Birthday to youuuu, Nemeside!!

    Happyy Birthday to youu!!

  10. lool!!

    well lately, I had a lot of work at school :(...and you what have you been up to?

  11. lol what are you doing?? you feel so lonely in Jail that you talk to yourself now..

  12. Happy Birthday sweetie !!!!

  13. Joyeux Anniversaire !!

  14. Hey Heather, how are you doing?

    my invitations request has been granted sooo I just need your email adress to send it to you :D

  15. Happy Birthday!!!

  16. Hey! can you tell me who's that guy in your pic??

  17. Hey the joker!

    are you still interested by an invitation for the fashionspot?

  18. :rofl: your avi!!!

  19. going to bed right now, ttyl

    see ya!

  20. No I used to have a blog but not anymore, sorry!!

  21. hey mate!

    Myspace isn't so popular here and I'm too lazy to make an accout, so no I don't have myspace lol

  22. It's ok...I won't return it back to you either!! LA is even more awesome :p

  23. you sig is good like that, though you could add Bianca in your list :shifty:

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